Companies Migrate to AuraQuantic Cloud to Thrive in the Digital Era

AuraQuantic announced the growing adoption of AuraQuantic Cloud on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Companies worldwide are benefitting from the powerful combination of cutting-edge enterprise software and integrated cloud services.

AuraQuantic Cloud has gone from being a technological advance to a fundamental part of the technological strategy of numerous companies across all industries.

AuraQuantic CEO Olivia Trilles comments, “AuraQuantic’s vision to optimize productivity and efficiency in all types of companies worldwide is well-supported through the use of Microsoft Azure, which offers cloud service in more regions than any cloud provider and comprehensive compliance coverage.”

AuraQuantic Cloud running on Azure provides users with usage-based services; anytime, anywhere access from any device; and enhanced protection from hackers, malware and unwanted access. In addition, Azure has the most certifications of any cloud provider.

Customers value the ability to continually optimize business operations and stay ahead of the competition. Getting started with AuraQuantic Cloud is easy. Once a company has realized the importance of cloud migration, the AuraQuantic team will design a unique “journey to the cloud” to identify the objectives, plan a time frame, identify the criteria for migration to the cloud and visualize the operating model and skills needed for a successful journey. The highly skilled AuraQuantic consultants will use their vast experience of similar processes to avoid common pitfalls, such as losing control of important aspects including cost, data location, data protection and regulatory compliance.

 “Companies like AuraQuantic benefit from the global scale and enterprise-grade security of Microsoft Azure”, said Andrea Carl, director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp. “We’re pleased to see AuraQuantic’s commitment to Azure as it grows and supports new customer demands.”


About AuraQuantic

AuraQuantic is a global BPM (Business Process Management) software provider delivering a solution that creates models and executes Business Process Workflow, without the need of IT programming. AuraQuantic is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems. AuraQuantic Cloud BPM brings together AuraQuantic expertise and Microsoft Azure. AuraQuantic is an intelligent business software that uses a powerful Business Process Management (BPM) engine to automate, monitor, control and optimize all business activities.

Alba Fernández
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