Digital transformation in the food and beverage industry: 4 success stories


Digital transformation in the food and beverage industry: 4 success stories

The race to digitally transform the food and beverage industry is an increasingly palpable fact in national and international markets. There is no doubt that the development of any company, in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), requires a process of digital transformation. A change that, in the case of companies belonging to the food and beverage sector, has meant a clear before and after in the understanding of the different phases involved in the production, sale and distribution processes. 

ElPozo, Frutas Bean, Balfegó and Alquería are some of the companies in the food and beverage industry that have placed their trust in AuraQuantic to achieve their digital transformation. In this article, we guide you through the success of these four companies that have overcome the challenge and have taken a 360-degree turn, thanks to the complete digital transformation of their business operations. Keep reading. 

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4 success stories: Digital transformation in the food and beverage industry 



ElPozo is the first case of digital transformation in the food and beverage industry that we will explore in this article. 

This Spanish company with more than 65 years of experience in the production of meat-based food products has become a benchmark in innovation in the sector, thanks to the implementation of the AuraQuantic Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP)

The company, owned by Grupo Fuertes group, has managed to organize and centralize all its processes, offering personalized information in real time to all relevant departments. This empowers them to act instantly in the processes that require immediate intervention. 

Some of the most striking benefits include the improvement in productivity (95%), reduction of errors and repetitive tasks (95%), improvements in communication between internal stakeholders (97%) and workflow optimization (95%). 

In the words of Juan Ángel Román, Head of BPMS Information Systems at Grupo Fuertes: “With the AuraQuantic Low-Code Application Platform, we have reports that empower us to detect bottlenecks and indicators that help us obtain better results in processes.” 



Balfegó is not only known for being the main Catalan company devoted to fishing, aquiculture and sale of bluefin tuna; but also because it is the only company in the world to have implemented a bluefin tuna traceability system throughout the entire product lifecycle from capture to consumption. 

Fishing for bluefin tuna represents one of the most controlled and regulated fishing activities in the world. Faced with this situation, the Balfegó management team, headed by its director, Juan Serrano, decided to take a technological leap and trust in AuraQuantic BPM as a solution to automate all the company’s processes, at both the administration and production levels. 

Furthermore, the company has used AuraQuantic technology to penetrate new markets such as Japan. Thanks to the AuraQuantic Instant Workflow application, Balfegó collects the information from the Japanese wholesaler, tracks the evolution of the tuna and stores all its information (weight, temperature) and sends it to the ERP.  

The implementation process has had a direct impact on the development times of all tasks (80% faster), the reduction of errors (77%) and the complete traceability of bluefin tuna (100%). 

Figures that, according to the CEO of Balfegó, represent “an interesting and important improvement” for the company, resulting in “savings in the development of some processes of more than five hours a day”. 

Fruits Bean

Casos de Éxito BPM - Frutas Bean

Companies that carry out cultivation and horticulture have a very specific problem because most of their employees work in different locations each day and, in many cases, have little or no access to the internet. Improving communication between the widely dispersed workforce was one of the challenges that Frutas Bean faced. 

The solutions implemented include the automation of processes related to the management of work reports and phytosanitary treatments using mobile applications.  

According to statements made by the Frutas Bean management team, the results obtained from the implementation of the AuraQuantic Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) include the reduction of production costs, improved competitiveness, reduction in the number of human errors and increased productivity levels throughout the company. 



Alquería is positioned in the top 3 companies in the Colombian dairy industry. The company is dedicated to the processing and commercialization of long-life dairy products with  60 years of experience in the sector. 

In order to maintain its leadership position in the market, Alquería decided to digitally transform the company using the AuraQuantic platform. The project was a success and has integrated numerous processes, such as milk production and quality control on farms, as well as the management of supplies and purchases. 

The implementation of AuraQuantic BPM has allowed Alquería to have a greater capacity for the analysis and control of productivity levels. In addition, the company has managed to optimize and standardize different processes, digitize all documentation, reduce the time and costs related to the calculation of transport payments by 100% and obtain real-time information on inventories and optimal quality control points in all supply and logistic processes. 

All of these improvements have been applauded by Alquería’s management team. Fernando Trujillo, Alquería’s IT Solutions Coordinator highlighted that AuraQuantic “allows them to collect information that they have never had before” for strategic decision making. 

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