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four-consulting- success-story-of-HR-process-centralization-and-digitization

Four Consulting’s success story of HR process centralization and digitization


Four Consulting continues to modernize its business processes, and, on this occasion, it does so by automating all HR-related processes. This step is part of a set of measures included in the company’s Strategic Plan 2021-2026, aimed at enhancing the digitization of its different functional areas to obtain more information in real time, increasing efficiency, and making more strategic decisions that will improve its competitive position in the market.


In just three months, Four Consulting successfully trained and certified an internal team and automated six HR processes. This was achieved by implementing an AuraQuantic solution (BPM), developed together with AuraQuantic, which Four Consulting has been commercializing as a technological partner since 2021. Specifically, the processes implemented are selection and recruitment, file creation and updates, holiday and leave management, certificate and permit requests, personnel management, and management of business agreements.


“The remarkable results obtained have resulted in Four Consulting expanding and/or optimizing process automation across other departments”, explains Nathalie Machado, “especially in all areas with a high level of operability, such as architecture and innovation, project management, and purchasing. However, this is only the beginning, since, following our ethos of constant innovation, Four Consulting process automation continues to expand”.


Four Consulting, also known as 4C, employs approximately 300 people and is dedicated to providing B2B technology consulting services in areas such as business process automation, document management, application integration, data analytics, and cybersecurity. 4C personnel is highly qualified and certified in BPM solutions.