Document Management Process Automation

By Victor Jiménez
CEO  – Todosistemas STI. AuraPortal Partner

Document management can be defined as the set of practices and procedures used to handle documents for an individual or an entire organization.

Due to the importance of document management, it is important to have a safe and efficient management strategy appropriate for the company. To meet this IT challenge, companies have 2 possibilities to date:

A) Purchase a specialized support solution for Document Management, what we refer to as the Document Approach.

B) Purchase a Business Process Automation solution, which we call the Process Approach.

Having vast experience of both lines of business, we must say that having a technological solution like AuraPortal BPMS is much more advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Structuring the Document Management process in line with the management of each individual organization: Companies from the same type of industry, sector or government, can have their own way of “doing things”, which is precisely one of AuraPortal BPMS’ virtues, allowing you to design the process to suit your needs, business or law, and your personal preferences, which will make your process different from others. AuraPortal adapts to the Document Management process design of each company, so the Company does not have to adapt to the packaged operation of software designed for a specific purpose.
  • Agile implementation: AuraPortal BPMS has been used to implement the Document Management process of a medium-sized company, starting from process analysis, i.e. from zero, in only 4 months. However, when implementing a Document Approach, the software does not often meet all company requirements, which results in corrective or adaptive maintenance in the software, having to undergo Unit tests and Regression of the modified software, which makes the implementation times uncertain.
  • Easy integration of the Document Management Process: As Document management involves all the documents of the different business processes which can come from different sources or information systems, it is very important to have a business system like AuraPortal that allows all types of integration with current and legacy technology systems, with ready-to-use state-of-the-art technology mechanisms. These mechanisms facilitate the integration of company or external systems with the process designed in AuraPortal BPMS, to include all the data and documents generated and required for handling documents in the database. On the contrary, with a specialized support solution for Document Management, companies have to submit to the evaluation of the software provider, to analyze and carry out the software developments that allow the required integrations, which often becomes an additional project with cost overruns for the company.
  • Implementation of Multiple processes: With the purchase of a system such as AuraPortal BPMS for the implementation of the Document Management process, companies acquire one of the best BPMS in the market (see Gartner’s opinion of AuraPortal iBPMS), which will empower them to automate all the business processes required by the organization, to the point that AuraPortal becomes the technological and functional support of the company that can be used by the employees responsible for Document Management, and other key areas such as: Invoicing, Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, etc. for all the business processes that are required for the proper functioning of the organization.

With the Document Approach, companies solve, at best, only one of the challenges of the IT areas, but what about all the other business processes?