ELPOZO premio WfMC 2019

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN wins the Award for Excellence in Business Transformation 2019

AuraPortal is proud to congratulate their customer, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, for winning the prestigious Award for Excellence in Business Transformation 2019, with its implementation of AuraPortal iBPMS.

The innovative technology implemented has given ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN significant competitive advantages. Time-to-market for new products has been reduced by 65%, errors by 80%, and task repetition has been completely eliminated. Productivity has increased by 85% and work optimization and internal communication have improved by 90%.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is the number 1 brand for Spanish households with annual sales exceeding 1,100 million euros and a workforce of over 5,000 people. It is the largest company in the Grupo Fuertes Holding Company and is dedicated to the production of healthy and nutritional meat-based products.

Following their strategy of continuous improvement, they implemented BPM software to digitally transform the company. They required software capable of orchestrating an agile workflow that would allow them to digitize complex processes involving many people and, at the same time, consolidating the processes across all the companies which form part of the ‘Grupo Fuertes’ group.

The implementation began by digitally transforming three key processes which involve participation from numerous departments including sourcing materials, machinery, raw material, packaging, cost controls, regulatory compliance, approval, testing and manufacturing, etc.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has successfully organized and centralized all the processes of the over 20 companies that constitute Grupo Fuertes, empowering users with all the information they require in real time. To date, they have implemented over 4000 processes including new improved versions.

About WfMC Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation

These prestigious Global Awards for Excellence in Business Transformation recognize user organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative business solutions to meet strategic business objectives. Business Transformation (BT) aligns people, organizational processes and technology initiatives of a company with its business strategy and vision with the aim of achieving significant competitive advantages. The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and BPM.com jointly sponsor the awards program. The Awards program is managed by Future Strategies Inc.

Olivia Trilles