The AuraPortal platform offers ease of design and the easy execution of all operational processes, providing solutions for companies of all sizes: from corporations with millions of processes and/or users to small companies. Therefore, we have extended the CORE BPM modules which will equip AuraPortal with greater adaptive and operational capacity for all implemented solutions.

The new functional structure of AuraPortal CORE BPM:

Multilanguage. AuraPortal BPM Software can work in different languages simultaneously, allowing each user to choose their preferred language. The system presents the complete application in all the chosen languages, simultaneously.

Content Management. It allows the publishing of announcements, news, articles, videos, documents of any kind and, in general, any content in digital format. The module is seamlessly integrated with the BPM Software, so that any company can create its own digital information to gain a complete and tailor-made content management without having to recruit a specialist.

Online Commerce. The content management module includes a sub module named Online Commerce that enables the automatic administration and creation of simple internet storefronts for the sale of Company products and services.

Integration with Office 365. Enables connections with any type of device, application or external database. This module contains all the necessary integration components including web services, server adapters, external forms, data import service, invoker scripts and system tasks, etc.

SAP Connectors – Dynamics CRM Connector. It also includes sophisticated channels to integrate with other external software applications like ‘Excel’, ‘email’, ‘ODBC’, ‘Web Services’, ‘SAP’, ‘Dynamics CRM’ and others.

Email Connector. Provides the option to start processes from the email inbox.

Excel Connector. Integrates Excel sheets in Personal Tasks, transferring all rows into lines in Groups of Fields.