Gartner Report: Automate Business Operations to scale your Digital Business

According to Gartner, “Emerging technologies like robotic process automation and AI promise a new era of business process automation. Application leaders must focus on investments that deliver short-term value but also provide a sustainable basis for continuous optimization and transformation of business operations”.

AuraQuantic recognizes the overwhelming challenge facing transformation leaders and has therefore made this report available to help application leaders cut through the hype and achieve their digital ambitions by delivering sustainable value.

An interesting prediction in the report is that “By 2021, 50% of robotic process automation (RPA) implementations will fail to deliver a sustainable ROI” which further provides the importance of careful analysis and the creation of a more comprehensive hyper automation toolbox.

In the REPORT, Gartner tackles the following key challenges facing application leaders:

  • “Many business processes are suboptimal (often manual), but it is difficult for application leaders to know where to start investing in automation.
  • Scaling business operations cost-effectively, while increasing productivity, is challenging because of a lack of automation and integration.
  • The long-term ROI from business process automation is limited by accumulated IT and business process debt.
  • Despite their promise of rapid ROI and increased digital dexterity, it is harder than expected to implement and measure the benefits of technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), which, ultimately, may not deliver sustainable results.”

AuraQuantic is the most complete low-code platform for building the enterprise solutions that drive Digital Transformation, helping companies worldwide to optimize and transform digital business operations.

Access the report below:

Gartner, Automate Business Operations to Scale Your Digital Business, 26 November 2019, Rob Dunie, Saikat Ray