gartneitxpo Barcelona

Gartner Strongly Recommends Developing a Strategy based on Digital Platforms

Gartner Symposium ITXPO took place in Barcelona from the 6th to the 10th of November. AuraPortal participated in the event as a sponsor and witnessed the predictions from the leading technology advisory Company’s experts.

The event brought together over 5,000 senior executives, mostly with technology-related positions (CIOs, IT Directors, etc.) from large companies across Europe.

Throughout the entire event, analysts strongly urged companies to develop a digital platform strategy that amplifies and becomes a core element of their future business, which will become increasingly digital.

Another of the main issues was how digital business is expanding in all areas, forming a digital ecosystem that poses many challenges, but also offers great opportunities. For this reason, the key is to have a clear strategy and to develop one or multiple platforms according to the activity, size and objectives of the company.

Not all organizations should assume a leadership role in a business ecosystem although they all need a digital platform strategy. Don Scheibenreif, (Vice-President of Gartner)


Thus, emphasis was made on the importance of flexible digital platform models adaptable to the needs of each company, guiding companies away from elaborate projects towards clear and incisive projects. In short, the advice is to align business strategy, technological needs and to establish a common internal vision with clear objectives to empower fast actions, which is key in today’s ultra-competitive reality.

Gartner stressed “Bimodal IT” which is the term they use to refer to entering into new business without abandoning or putting current business at risk. Therefore, another key to digital success is to preserve what works well and add new digital opportunities.

In AuraPortal, as a leading technology and BPM (Business Process Management) provider, we have years of experience helping companies of all kinds achieve their goals, developing digital platforms that align with their digital ecosystem and help them to overcome their challenges and take advantage of possible opportunities. Take a look at our case studies and be inspired to develop your digital platform strategy; we will guide you to digital success.