GP Strategies creates custom document management platforms with AuraQuantic

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GP Strategies has developed ProDOCS, a digitized document management system capable of adapting to the needs of each client to optimize the development, modification, and maintenance of technical documentation, and to streamline their personnel development and training processes. The digital transformation was a success thanks to the implementation of AuraQuantic, the 100% no-code tool that has increased efficiency, reduced time, costs, and improved customer satisfaction.



The solution was born from consultations where, according to Kyle Fuller, Director of Oil and Gas for TTi Global a division of GP Strategies, clients in the petrochemical and energy sector had expressed “difficulty in interacting with multiple document management systems that did not communicate with each other”. This led the company to carry out an internal analysis of its document management processes in order to maintain a competitive edge and meet customer needs.


Having identified areas for improvement, the company’s management team endeavored to create ProDOCS, an application that would satisfy the exigent market demands. They envisaged a tool capable of creating, modifying, distributing, tracking, and reporting on the status of a spectrum of documents. However, to carry out this project, they needed to find process automation software that would make it possible to quickly and easily design the application without code.


In the search for a tool that fulfilled this purpose, GP Strategies discovered AuraQuantic, a no-code platform capable of orchestrating and designing business processes and workflows. The company contacted MindXtract, AuraQuantic’s partner, who demonstrated all the possibilities offered by the tool to meet its digital transformation objective. GP Strategies selected the AuraQuantic digital platform to develop ProDOCS as it fulfilled all necessary criteria in terms of ease of use, design, scalability, and digitization features.


The creation and implementation were carried out by GP Strategies’ Quality Assurance and Technical Response Department and AuraQuantic’s consultancy team. The development of ProDOCS helped the company to achieve a standardized format for document generation. Using the customized application design, real-time alert systems were created to ensure the timely completion of all approvals and tasks, guaranteeing efficiency.


The success of the project has led GP Strategies to choose AuraQuantic as the only tool for content development, delivery, storage, and maintenance. The company’s future plans include enhancing ProDOCS by implementing real-time referencing, predictive text capabilities, and intellectual property compliance.


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