Appraisal from TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers)

AuraQuantic noticeably surpasses its competitors in TEC’s BPM Comparison Matrix

In the BPM Comparison Matrix 2017, AuraQuantic was certified by the prestigious firm TEC as one of the highest quality BPM in the global market; the evaluation process carried out by TEC resulted in astounding conclusions, as demonstrated in the BPM Comparison Matrix, represented in the image above.

The Matrix shows that AuraQuanticBPMS is a remarkably stronger option, excelling in all areas with a vastly higher score in Process Collaboration, Process Analytics and Product Technology.

“Since AuraQuantic outperforms the market 100% of the time, it is a leading option that can satisfy buyers’ functional, technical, and business requirements.”  TEC, BPM Comparison Matrix

In the Process Analytics module, AuraQuantic has remarkable coverage, supporting 100% of features. The average support offered by other BPM software solutions is 73%. This gives the AuraQuantic software a huge advantage in Process Analytics.
AuraQuantic supports a remarkable 100% of Process Collaboration characteristics. Other BPM software on the market average 67% coverage in this module, meaning the AuraQuantic software solution has a massive advantage here.

TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers) compare AuraQuantic to the BPM Market

AuraQuantic was evaluated for its support for eight main modules, which consist of a total of 605 features. Using this information from the full capability report, this extract compares the AuraQuantic solution against the market average.

TEC software comparison reports are highly detailed reports that allow you to quickly and easily compare industry-leading software solutions across thousands of features and functions.


The reports include the following functionalities: Process Modeling, Security Management, Process Collaboration, Form Management, Workflow Portal, Monitoring and Management, Process Analytics and Product Technology.


This report also contains interesting comparisons with different competitors.


The best way to understand all the details of TEC’s findings on AuraQuantic

Data in this report has been extracted from AuraQuantic BPMS Benchmark Comparison for 2017 and Software Comparison Reports compiled by Technology Evaluation Centers.