What is BPM?

BPM Technology is revolutionary, reducing costs and boosting revenue

BPM is the consolidated and unstoppable trend that is changing forever the way to manage operations in enterprises and organizations throughout the world, making them much more flexible, highly automated and extremely powerful.

BPM Technology is revolutionary. It reduces costs and boosts revenue

Scope BPM


With a top-of-the-range BPM tool like AuraQuantic, companies can automate any process very easily, including Human Resources, Quality Control, Purchase and Procurement, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain, etc.

Benefits BPM - technology


Companies that implement a BPM system improve all aspects of their organization; weaknesses are brought to light and the most relevant activities are strengthened. In essence, it enables companies to be more: Flexible, Competitive and Efficient.

BPM Integration

BPM Integration

Although the processes deployed in BPM may be comfortably integrated with existing enterprise software like ERP and CRM, most companies gradually model the activities of the existing software using the BPM.

Competitive and Economic Advantages

The huge competitive advantage of working with BPM software explains why a rapidly increasing number of enterprises and organizations are adopting BPM tools to ensure they don’t fall behind the competition who are already benefiting from the tool.

BPM Case Studies - Satisfy Customers

Satisfy Customers

The reduction in customer response times is huge with AuraQuantic. One customer example is GMX Seguros: “We reduced customer response times from 14 to 4 working days.”.

BPM Case Studies - Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

You will increase productivity by 60%-85%.

BPM Case Studies - Optimize Efficiency

Optimize Efficiency

Thanks to the high level of task automation, you will be more efficient and your employees will be able to complete more tasks in less time.

BPM Case Studies - Reduce Costs and Time

Reduce Costs and Time

With AuraQuantic you will reduce costs by making optimal use of all resources.

BPM Case Studies - Expand Business Opportunities (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Expand Business Opportunities

The complete and integrated automation of all your tasks will empower you to manage more than before.

BPM Case Studies - Expedite Task Completion (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Expedite Task Completion

The integration of all information in the organization will result in a reduction of the time taken to complete tasks.

BPM Case Studies - Make Better Decisions (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Make Better Decisions

Make optimal use of all information using BI and analytics to guarantee well-informed decisions.

BPM Case Studies - Improve Internal Communication (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Improve Internal Communication

Centralize communication to drive process improvements in all departments of the organization.

The Statistics Are In Your Favor


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Lost Documentation


Increased Efficiency


Increased Productivity

Three Steps in BPM

AuraQuantic is the only BPM that lets you execute exactly what you have drawn with AuraQuantic Modeler, without any additional programming.

3 simple steps to run your application

With AuraQuantic all process programming is completely eliminated, because when designing the model, all the necessary programming is automatically generated without any specialist intervention.

You design the model and the process is ready to run. There are three simple steps: draw, define and run.

1. DRAW (Diagram your process)

You simply draw the diagram. The AuraQuantic Modeler lets you draw each activity and the connecting lines which establish the operational flow of the process.

2. DEFINE (Define the attributes)

Assign attributes to the activities for the process to work. It is important to stipulate who will perform the activity and how they should do it.

3. RUN (Execute your process)

Activate the designed process. In this example, the completion of a form will initiate the process.

Video demonstration (2 min.)

Diagnose your Business problems!

Is your company suffering from:

  • High costs
  • Poor quality information 
  • Lack of process control
  • Task delay
  • Lack of process evaluation
  • Lack of communication
  • Isolated information
  • Processes not functioning as designed
  • Information inconsistencies
  • Disorganization
  • Work Duplication  
  • Negative time deviation
  • Excessive document generation
  • Excessive bureaucratic control
  • Deficient customer service
  • Difficulties when implementing new business strategies

We can help:

  • Cost saving
  • Rapid new business strategies
  • Increase in analytical capacity
  • Continuous improvement
  • Workforce performance optimization
  • Less need for training
  • Reduction in bureaucratic control
  • Processes function precisely as intended
  • Knowledge stays in the organization
  • Improvements in the efficiency of the organization
  • Elimination of errors  
  • Homogeneous and predictable results
  • More precise management of larger volumes
  • Reduction in document generation
  • Consistency in information and service
  • Process time reductions

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