BPM Modeler: Your Solution in 3 Steps

Easily Turn Your Business Processes into Smart Applications

 To our knowledge, no other vendor can truly offer a similar feature: as you draw the process model on a canvas, AuraQuantic BPM Modeler automatically builds the corresponding inner programming that ensures that what is drawn will be subsequently executed without any error.

You Draw, AuraQuantic BPM Modeler Develops the Coding

AuraQuantic is the only BPM that lets you execute exactly what you have drawn with AuraQuantic Modeler, without any additional programming.

3 simple steps to run your application

With AuraQuantic, process programming is completely eliminated, because when designing the model all the necessary programming is automatically generated without any specialist intervention.

You design the model and the process is ready to be executed. It takes just three simple steps: diagram your process, define the attributes of the objects and execute it.

1. DRAW (Diagram your process)

You simply draw the diagram. The AuraQuantic BPM Modeler lets you draw each activity and the connecting lines which establish the operational flow of the process.

2. DEFINE (Define the attributes)

Assign attributes to the activities so that the process works. It is important to stipulate who will perform the activity and how they should do it.

3. RUN (Execute it)

Activiting the designed process. In this example, the completion of a form will initiate the process.

Video demonstration (2 min.)

Let AuraQuantic BPM Modeler do the Job

You don’t need IT skills to run your BPM processes and you can use intuitive simulation to test and optimize them before their final execution.
BPM Modeler - No Additional Programming BPM

No Additional Programming

The only BPM that can truly execute what you have diagrammed, without requiring any additional programming. It is a unique feature of AuraQuantic.

BPM Modeler - Standard Notation BPMN

Standard Notation BPMN

A standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in a graphical notation.

BPM Modeler - user Friendly

User Friendly

The diagramming of the processes will be done with AuraQuantic BPM Modeler. Our modeler is very user friendly, intuitive and visual.

BPM Modeler - Multilanguage


Many languages are already available but new nomenclatures can also be created depending on the preferences of each user.

BPM Modeler - BPM Flexibility


Make instant modifications to even the most complex processes, without affecting the daily work of the process users.

BPM Modeler - Process simulation

Simulate your processes

The Simulation results drive process optimization. Once you have designed your processes, they can be tested using Statistical and Real simulations. 

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