How to accelerate business initiatives

In this article we will discuss how to accelerate business initiatives in order to modernize and improve the organization and continue to innovate. In these times of constant change, where the current context has revealed the importance of digitization, many organizations are contemplating how to ensure the changes they have undergone are profitable. The need to adapt to a new situation, with changes in lifestyle, consumption habits and business operations, forces companies to rethink how to optimize and transform their business processes.

Why should we accelerate business initiatives?

The reason for accelerating different business initiatives is none other than to make better and faster decisions in an environment such as the current one, which is characterized by the need to adapt to constant changes and continuously improve.

Digitization, or digital transformation, are not new concepts, but acceleration becomes a crucial element in these uncertain times. Establishing protocols, many of which will be digital, is vital for companies to make quick decisions with all the available information.

How to accelerate business initiatives?

In a previous article, we talked about how to adjust the technology budget and which projects to prioritize. That article explored mandatory, transformation, differentiation, growth or improvement projects. In this case, we understand that we have already carried out this prioritization exercise, and our objective is to accelerate the projects that have been given the green light.

The steps to accelerate these initiatives are:

Eliminate the elements that cause delay

The first step should be to eliminate the elements in our operations that cause delays or do not allow us to advance at the speed that the environment demands. This may include modernizing some “legacy” technologies or eliminating unnecessary protocols.

Nurture that change

Second, you have to nurture that change. The use of platforms that allow the rapid creation of applications, integration into the company ecosystem and the future growth of the company, both in terms of infrastructure and application creation or modification, is crucial to maintain a virtuous cycle of optimization, innovation and rapid return on investment.

Adjust the resources

Third, resources must be adjusted to focus on the new initiatives that really add value, whether they are new channels, products, or services. In this sense, we must opt ​​for IT solutions that allow the role of the IT department to be complemented by business users, otherwise known as “citizen developers” which we discussed in the article ‘What is the role of the IT department’.

Eliminar elementos que nos retrasan

El primer paso debe ser eliminar los elementos en nuestra operativa que nos retrasan o no nos permiten avanzar a la velocidad que el entorno nos demanda. Esto puede incluir modernizar algunas tecnologías “legacy” o eliminar innecesarios protocolos.

Review the portfolio

Finally, there should be a review of the company’s existing portfolio to ensure that none of its technological assets are underused and that the different technologies available in your company allow its structuring, use and reuse. This is explained the following article: Composable Business Solutions