Entrevista Olivia Trilles GPDR

Olivia Trilles, AuraQuantic Board of Directors Rep.,
on GDPR Management Software

AuraQuantic GDPR ensures the correct automation of the procedures indicated by the GDPR and providing adequate access to them. This work is vital, since it ensures that employees will perform the correct actions when processing data.

What is GDPR?

Key points of the law

Penalties and controls

When does it take effect?

A technological solution

About the new software

Companies know about the GDPR but do not know how to apply it in the work environment

Olivia Trilles

Thanks to her dual role as European President of the Microsoft Technology Community and Board of Directors Rep. of AuraQuantic, Olivia Trilles has become a point of reference for GDPR implementation, helping companies to apply the new European regulation on data protection in their day-to-day business.

elEconomista.es entrevista a Olivia Trilles
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