[SPOTLIGHT] How to improve the efficiency of your company in 2020 using intelligent automation

According to IDC, by 2020, at least 55% of organizations will have digitized, transforming markets and renewing the future through new business models and digitally enabled products and services.

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How do organizations evolve in their digitization processes?

The new digital era puts strategies, past performance and the way of working to the test, to get the best out of organizations and elevate them towards new, more efficient, flexible and faster processes. The new digital processes should facilitate the cohesion of technological accelerators with new customer-centric scenarios.

An organization’s digital strategy should pay particular attention to the optimization and redefinition of the processes. Those processes should optimize the following parameters:

Response times for greater agility.

Document management to facilitate efficient access and use.

Efficiency through simplified processes.

Productivity in process execution.

AuraQuantic’s value proposal

AuraQuantic is an international software provider, recognized by leading analyst firms, for its extreme ease of use, rapid implementations, integration with other systems, scalability and many other features. AuraQuantic is a platform that offers ease of design and execution of all operational processes, regardless of their complexity and without any additional programming. AuraQuantic BPM software offers solutions for companies of any size: from corporations with millions of processes and/or users to small businesses. The following powerful features are included in the platform:

The new processes should be consolidated easily, visually and be accessible to the people who work in the organizations to ensure a standardized way of working.
Process automation

Dynamic case management

User interface (UI)

Analysis & Smart decision

Document management

Business rules & data

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Connectivity & API


It is the management of the complete and complex set of processes that make up a case /

The impact of processes in digitization

Current digital platforms imply a great cultural change for organizations, since they must learn to accept processes as infinite loops circling around an intelligent core capable of processing a continuous flow of data, to generate automatic actions and decisions in the shortest possible time.

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