“If you answer an email in three hours, you’ve missed the boat”

For companies, the competition is just a few clicks away, causing a race against time to differentiate themselves from the rest. That is because today, when making a purchase, customers are drawn towards something more than just a product; they make comparisons in search of the service that gives the most value, that is exquisite and without time restrictions. In order to meet new market demands on time, companies are making key changes. We spoke about this with Olivia Trilles, Global Head of Technology Research at AuraQuantic.

Customer needs have changed over the years, but lately the speed of change has been exponential. It can be said that we are facing a new type of client, with totally different expectations. But when we talk about expectations, do we mean that the customer expects a more modern product?

No, we are not talking about the expectations that customers have regarding product features. We are talking about the fact that today, customers value ​​the service they receive much more than the product itself. We are facing a drastic change in what customers look for, and one which fully affects all companies.

And how is that service which is so important to customers?

Customers are looking for flexibility and immediacy in all aspects. For example, they do not want to be limited to a schedule from 9am to 8pm, but rather they expect to be able to access, compare and buy a product at any time, 24/7.

They want speed in absolutely everything: If you answer an email in three hours, you’ve missed the boat. They expect immediate attention, but without affecting the quality of the service and without being charged extra for it. The attention they expect to receive must be expert care and, above all, friendly.

In short, this new customer model looks to companies for a figure that guides them through product consumption and that, of course, cares about them and gives them more than what they have acquired, and the list doesn’t end there.

These examples affect various areas of the company: creation of new departments, minimization of internal operations, planning flexibility…

This seems very complicated to cover and implement. It seems so, but, ultimately, it is about improving the company’s internal operations. That’s it! And it would be very complicated if it had to be done using ‘Excel’ sheets and eternal documents that nobody reads. On the plus side, we have the software that automates processes at our fingertips to satisfy the Generation CX customer.

What is Generation CX?

Today’s customers are called “Generation CX”. The acronym CX stands for Customer Experience. These customers have been named as such because they expect a customer experience that is, not only good, but exquisite. They are very demanding.

“Companies that don’t change their mindset and open their eyes right now are destined to disappear”

Olivia Trilles, Global Head of Technology Research en AuraQuantic

So, we understand that it is already an obligation to optimize the company’s internal operations. How do you distinguish generation CX companies from the rest?

Now all companies are digital companies. Today’s company is unable to meet market demands without automating its internal processes, so it is easy to know which ones are lagging behind and which ones are not.

On a positive note, for a few years now, we have seen that companies do not separate their technological strategy from the main strategy. The reason is because technology or business software is no longer optional, but rather the foundation for good business execution.

Is there a common problem for all companies, regardless of the sector they are in?

We see companies suffering because they remain anchored in the past. They cannot connect with the public because their way of working does not respond to the needs of the client. Companies that don’t change their mindset and open their eyes now are destined to disappear.

“Every day that passes without starting process automation, is a day given to the competition”

Olivia Trilles, Global Head of Technology Research en AuraQuantic

What characteristics must process automation software have?

This type of software must contain document management, a visual designer for process flows, that enables them to be started without the need for programming, and a wide list of pre-automated mechanisms that can be applied at the click of a button. In addition, it must integrate cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and, very importantly, have a pricing system that allows companies to be more flexible.

Any advice for companies that don’t have their internal operations automated?

Don’t waste any more time thinking about it and do it now. Every day that passes without starting process automation, is a day given to the competition.

Jessica Mauro