Increase your company’s productivity by 95% and save costs with the low-code solution from AuraQuantic

Process automation involves implementing solutions that guarantee the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of production and administrative chains, regardless of the company’s size or sector in which it operates. To achieve optimal automation with AuraQuantic, a prior analysis of the business processes is carried out followed by three key steps. The first step is to create a diagram of the activities and connecting lines to define the process flow; Next, we define the attributes of the objects that appear in the diagram and, finally, we execute the process. 

AuraQuantic generates cost savings from the first moment thanks to its flexible structure. Furthermore, its native integrations and tools mean that processes can be adapted quickly and easily throughout their entire life cycle, i.e., from idea through to production and optimization. 

Implementing process automation has important advantages, such as increased productivity, reduced time for certain tasks and increased control and analytical capabilities. Moreover, process automation undoubtedly plays a fundamental role in reducing costs. 

Save costs with process automation 

Process automation can automatically execute tasks that were previously carried out manually by employees. The majority of these tasks do not require human intervention and generally require a great investment of time. Thanks to this automation, workflows are also controlled, optimized and transparent, helping to detect unnecessary and redundant processes. 

Workflow automation systems result in precise control, allowing you to find different ways to save time and money without affecting the quality of services. That is why it is estimated that automation generates a cost reduction of between 25% and 50%, while productivity can increase up to 95%

AuraQuantic prioritizes the efficiency of organizations and is the only BPM (Business Process Management) software capable of executing tasks without the need for additional programming. This functionality, and the optimal use of all resources, generate huge cost savings, empowering the prioritization of other, larger expenses. This explains why AuraQuantic has a long list of customers, in both the private and public sectors, that trust their services, such as EPM Group or IBR Latam. 

Thanks to the process automation project, EPM Group achieved significant financial savings, with a 50% reduction in the cost of services. Likewise, Jania Albornoz, Head of Processes at IBR Latam, commented: “With AuraQuantic we have managed to standardize processes, reduce operating costs and improve customer satisfaction. AuraQuantic accelerates time to market and helps the company achieve higher ROI in less time”. 

Which processes can be automated to save costs? 

Process automation has been gradually incorporated into all business areas, since any automated task will lead to better results, improve customer satisfaction and avoid potential errors. But what are the actual processes that can be automated?

  • Repetitive tasks that do not need human intervention or dependence for decision making. 
  • Properly defined and rule-based processes. 
  • Tasks that have greater benefits than costs. 
  • Tasks that take up a lot of employee time. 
  • Processes with rich data and documents that slow down workflows. 

Without a doubt, workflow automation is key to improve efficiency and guarantee business profitability. Therefore, when planning automation actions, it is important to have a committed team and software capable of carrying it out, such as AuraQuantic. Likewise, it is very important to plan automation with a view to the future and to analyze each objective carefully, since it will be the only way to achieve optimal automation. 

Jessica Mauro
[email protected]