intelligent automation customer satisfaction and experience

Intelligent automation improves customer satisfaction

Capturing new customers is five times more expensive than retaining current ones. Therefore, all sales strategies should take customer satisfaction into account and leverage intelligent automation to boost satisfaction and increase the retention ratio. 

For customers to be satisfied, we have to offer them positive experiences at all points of contact with the company before, during and after the purchase of the product or service. The customer’s overall experience is a journey (customer journey), which can start when a potential client does not even know the brand, through to buying the service and requiring after-sales attention. 

Each and every one of these touchpoints are unique opportunities for recruitment, loyalty and recommendation. A high recommendation rate (Net Promoter Score, NPS) means that customers recommend you because they are happy with your company. 

Net Promoter Score

Shorter response time = happier customers

According to a 2016 Accenture report, 52% of the companies surveyed had changed providers in the last year due to poor customer service. Seventy-three percent of them wanted a service more suited to their needs, while 61% most valued speed when checking data and response to queries and incidents. 

Financial services is one of the sectors that has evolved the most in recent years, digitizing their services by implementing online banking and mobile banking. Even so, there are many manual tasks that create inaccuracies, inefficiencies and long waiting times. 

Intelligent automation technologies can record conversations between customers and banking staff and then automate all subsequent management. The necessary documentation will be processed automatically so that it complies with the current legislation. 

The rol of iBPMS in Digital Transformation

Knowledge is also created by analyzing data, spotting patterns and trends and creating algorithms that can predict future behavior. The chatbot with voice recognition and Machine Learning will help both telephone and online customer service. This automation and digitalization of the back office will generate more time and resources for personalized attention. 

According to a study by Capgemini, 63% of organizations have improved customer satisfaction thanks to intelligent automation. It has resulted in improved response times with direct processing, personalized service, 24/7 availability and customized products designed by customers. And all thanks to the implementation of BPMS, RPA, IA and integration systems. Just remember that each customer touchpoint is important for overall satisfaction and, that using intelligent automation technologies, will make it easier to gain customer loyalty and recommendations.

Jessica Mauro