Intelligent document management with the most powerful process engine on the market

Over recent years, and due the rapid advances in technology, Document Management Systems (DMS) have become a key element for organizations. The increase in information generated by companies and the deterioration of old storage systems have led to the creation of a new model for agile and orderly document management

The AuraQuantic low-code platform offers a multitude of functionalities that generate significant benefits for companies, such as increased productivity or cost savings. Among these functionalities is document management, which results in significant improvements in the way companies manage documents. But what is the document management incorporated in AuraQuantic and what benefits does it provide? 

What is document management? 

Organizing information is one of the determining factors of business success. Document management consists of a set of practices and procedures used in the administration of files within an organization with the objective of efficiently organizing, sharing and accelerating workflows.

The AuraQuantic DMS provides users with a safe, efficient and appropriate management strategy based on their needs. This AuraQuantic functionality is implemented to:

1. Coordinate and control the specific activities that affect the creation, reception, location, access to and preservation of documents. 

2. Safeguard and recover the documentation that is generated in an efficient way. 

3. Guarantee the proper functioning of the organization and compliance with current legislation, taking into account data governance, in line with current legislation and data privacy laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

4. Centralize documentation and ensure secure access to all authorized employees.  

Symptoms that signal the need for the AuraQuantic DMS 

Digital transformation has accelerated the document digitization process in most companies, but certain actions are still taking place that slow processes down, decrease work productivity and increase customer waiting times. The symptoms that show that your organization needs a document management system like AuraQuantic’s include: 

  • Excessive use of paper: invoices, expense receipts, payroll, etc. 
  • Large amount of duplicate documentation. 
  • Excel sheets with a lot of information, where the last modification of the document and its author are unknown.
  • Decentralized documentation that generates the need to create more copies. 

By digitizing the actions involved in the above situations we avoid the excessive use of paper and all that this implies: deterioration of documents, loss of space due to the large amounts of stored files, slow searches and less control of information, greater possibility of loss, etc. 

AuraQuantic DMS functions 

The AuraQuantic document management system covers a plethora of company needs and ensures that digitization is carried out in organized manner. The DMS is not an independent application, it is accompanied by a process flow manager that gives the documents additional capabilities, giving them the dynamism that is required. In short, it allows a document to have extra capabilities so that it can perform automatic actions without employee interaction. This system has an unlimited storage capacity and empowers companies to: 

Capture documents regardless of the source.

Integrate with the different systems.

Eliminate manual data entry and benefit from long-lived repositories.

Automatically create and manage backups.

Control the approval of documents, establish base templates and specify the data contained in each file.

Receive alerts about any incident.

Create different views of the library to quickly and easily consult documents in different ways. For each of them, you can determine the number of columns to be displayed and in what order, the documents that should appear, the groupings, the totals, the styles, etc. 

Integrate processes so that documents and files appear automatically when needed.

Enjoy instant search results and quickly find the file you seek. 

In addition, the document management system provided on the low-code platform includes AuraQuantic File System, which allows managing all company documents (texts, images, videos, etc.) in an integrated and global manner, which contributes to improving business performance with large volumes of documents. On the other hand, it also includes different types of digital signatures during the workflow that meet market standards. 

Benefits of the AuraQuantic document management system 

With AuraQuantic all your documents will be under control. Having a good system generates many benefits, but what can AuraQuantic document management contribute? How will the current business situation improve? Here are some of the most frequent reasons to start using this functionality: 

1. To centralize information  

With AuraQuantic document management, all employees can create, manage, modify or work with files regardless of where they are and what equipment they use. 

2. To comply with safety regulations 

With this document management system, the security of a company’s equipment and documents increases. Thus, in the event of an attempted cyberattack or if accident occurs that prevents access to computers, the files saved in the cloud can be easily recovered. Likewise, compliance with regulations such as the GDPR is also guaranteed. 

3. To save costs 

Using AuraQuantic means cost savings from the first moment. On the one hand, with this platform you will not need a separate document management system, since it is included in the price. In addition, costs associated with paper will be eliminated, since all documentation will be digitized. 

4. To increase productivity 

This system results in an increase of the effectiveness and efficiency in the search and recovery of files. In addition, it guarantees fast and secure access to company documents, reducing search and response times. 

5. To improve data structuring 

With the document management system, personalized criteria can be established according to company requirements, which will allow the files to be structured and located quickly. 

6. Teamwork and mobility 

The continuous improvement of technologies together with the current situation generated by the covid-19 pandemic, has seen a huge increase in remote work across the business environment. That is why, easy access for authorized users from any location and device that connects to the network is a vital functionality. 

In summary, as explained in this article, the AuraQuantic document management system is a key part of this platform that enhances business development. Furthermore, the fact that organizations generate a large number of documents daily, access and security is guaranteed with AuraQuantic. Do you still have questions? Contact our team of advisers and they will gladly help you. 

Jessica Mauro