Laboratorios Funat completes procurement process 80% faster

By implementing AuraQuantic, Laboratorios Funat has reduced the time invested in its purchasing process by 80%.

Laboratorios FUNAT is a Colombian company that produces and sells natural products made from medicinal plants and natural resources for medicinal, cosmetic and nutritional use.

For 25 years Laboratorios FUNAT has manufactured and distributed products nationally and internationally, providing advice, training, and encouraging their consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles and healthy habits.


The organization did not have any system in place that gave them control and traceability of their activities and processes. Although they had an ERP, and made some developments, they still suffered from lost information, manual tasks, and an excessive use of paper. With these work dynamics, and minimal level of automation, the information generated by the company was not reflected in the system, and as a consequence there was a great lack of knowledge about the current situation of the company. In fact, the production chain did not even have reliable data on raw material stock, and the purchasing processes depended too much on approvals signed on paper, which on many occasions delayed the purchase of goods and services necessary for the production chain, simply because the person in who needed to sign was not in the office.

How did this lack of information affect them?

The lack of reliable information on the company’s inventory made it impossible to have control of the company’s purchasing needs, and as a consequence of this, there were situations of overstock or shortage of products in warehouses.

As there was no real control over the purchase of goods and services, there was no exact value of the manufacturing cost price, and therefore the pricing policy was ineffective and not very competitive.

The main issues included:

• Lack of process definition

• Undefined roles and tasks

• Need for process improvement

• Resistance to change

• Loss of information

• Excessive paper usage

• Lack of approval for purchases

• No traceability of activities

• Poor budget control


“AuraQuantic has empowered us to automate processes that previously had a high percentage of manual activities, allowing us to simplify tasks, eliminate unnecessary rework, reduce approval steps; managing to optimize response times, quickly launch new products to the market, comply with legal regulations, avoid penalties and / or massive overstock of products nationwide . We have centralized all purchases, giving us control and monitoring of all decentralized entities.”

Lucas Hernández Saldarriaga (Purchasing and Supply Director)

With the implementation of the AuraQuantic iBPMS platform, FUNAT has improved organizational control and gained traceability over all activities. Now, the company has the necessary tools to obtain the information it needs to better manage its resources.

Process monitoring was one of the key points in this project; hence one of the most important functionalities that AuraQuantic offers is the possibility of monitoring, controlling, and analyzing the entity’s activity in real time, which allows fast and informed decision making.

With AuraQuantic, daily activity is automatically converted into useful and relevant reports that management teams can use for decision-making.

In addition, data can be combined from other software components and sources to achieve integrated, complete and fully accurate date reports.

Thanks to AuraQuantic’s integration features, all information can be centralized and managed from a single platform with an intuitive interface, designed for business users.

Furthermore, the platform has a complete reporting system to analyze the data collected during user activity and process execution.

Currently, automated purchasing processes give FUNAT complete control of the purchases of fixed assets and payments made throughout the company.


To date, on average they process 700 purchase invoices and receival of goods in the warehouses.

This powerful BPM tool has been a pillar for FUNAT in the digitization of the organization. After reorganizing the processes and standardizing company activities, excellent results were achieved per month:


 “Now, we have gained visibility and traceability of each of the processes implemented on the AuraQuantic iBPMS platform, improved performance and optimized processes. We have successfully integrated the various areas of the company; a functional process in which each individual has specific obligations and, at the same time, is part of a single process, which facilitates access to one true source of information.”

Diana Lorena Zapata Rodríguez (Head of Infrastructure – Administrative Management)

You can visit Laboratorios Funat’s success story at the following link: Laboratorios Funat

Tomás Martí