Nuevos procesos inteligentes para la eficiencia de la empresa transformación digital

New intelligent digital processes to boost business efficiency

Technological leaders that want tackle a company’s digital transformation with guaranteed success need to execute their digital strategy based on new intelligent business processes. To ensure efficient management of their digital processes, a holistic approach must be considered; the organization is a living organism in which all the functions are related and work together. According to the latest KPMG report, 83% of Spanish organizations are exploring several intelligent automation technologies, but only 15% apply an integral approach. This integrated coordination and mindset is what is needed to achieve a successful transformation.

If we approach business digitalization with this philosophy, all business processes will have to be rethought and redefined, seeking agility, efficiency and productivity. It is important to understand that digital transformation does not just implicate the technology department. On the contrary, it involves the total reinvention of the company at all levels. As IDC comments, managers must redesign operational processes and digital KPIs as by 2023, 35% of workers will use different forms of Artificial Intelligence. This will even affect the human resources department as they develop recruitment strategies to capture digital talent.


Some speak of digital evolution rather than transformation because the improvement and adaptation process to the new business reality is constant. To redesign an organization’s processes, we must first start by adopting a digital business platform, and then empower it with automation capacity. The final step is to implement an intelligence layer that will complete the process. The coordination and synergy achieved recognizes that the true value is an effective ‘business as a whole’, not just certain sections or departments. The work methodology and processes become homogeneous, favoring the consolidation of the information from diverse business systems. Furthermore, the intelligence applied to the data combined with employee access to the processes, will allow companies to offer customers better products, services and attention to their needs.

Business process management platforms will help you transform your entire business and achieve your digital goals. Intelligent process automation, designed through flowcharts, without programming a single line of code, will result in increased productivity. Rapid and accurate decisions can be made thanks to dynamic case management, while integrated Artificial Intelligence with learning capacity will optimize effectiveness. In the digital age, these new integrated digital processes will be a company’s main asset to achieve success.