ONVIA celebrates 12 successful years of Partnership with AuraPortal

The beginning

Onvia was founded in 2004 as a computer services company focused on ICT improvement. From the beginning, founders – Marcos Fálagan and Juan Frutos – understood that company foundations and knowledge are in its processes and therefore they looked for applications that would allow process improvement using ICT.


At the end of 2005, they discovered the company AURA and AuraPortal, the innovative solution to automate processes or BPMS (Business Process Management Suite), since one of their customers in the construction sector was looking for a tool to automate Workflow tasks. At that time, it was Pablo Trilles, the current CEO of AURA, who demonstrated the product to ONVIA. In the words of Marcos Fálagan:

At that time, we thought that we should be Partners with AURA. After 3 months, in February 2006, we became certified Partners ready to market and implement AuraPortal. Since then, AuraPortal has evolved year after year to become what it is today, one of the leading BPMS in the international market. At ONVIA, we like to think that our team has also contributed its part to the current success”.

Present day

Today, Onvia is an AuraPortal specialist, with a plethora of successful implementations carried out since 2006, in various sectors and in companies of different sizes. One of the case studies, whose success continues today, is the implementation for Grup Balfegó, a pioneer company in the fishing and conservation of bluefin tuna, applying constant improvements in business and efficiency. Other outstanding projects are those carried out in companies such as Proquimia, JDA, Mas y Mas Supermarkets, Fornés, etc.


Marcos Fálagan, comments:

12 years after becoming Partners, we continue to see a future with immense potential for AuraPortal, thanks to concepts such as Digital Transformation, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc. in which AuraPortal will have many benefits to offer ”.


In the words of Marcos Fálagan:

We hope to continue serving as Partners for many years to come! ”.

Key factors

The Keys factors that have helped them to reach their objectives are:

  • Continued training on AuraPortal.
  • Support for new project development.
  • Integration of AuraPortal with other tools (ERP, CRM, Web, etc.).


At present, ONVIA has offices in Granollers and Sabadell, towns of great industrial importance and proximity to Barcelona. They offer services at local and national levels.


Pablo Trilles, AURA CEO, congratulates ONVIA for their vision, effort and tenacity:

Congratulations, 12 years is a long time in this very competitive sector. You have always been a trusted partner and this is what we value most. We know that our projects are in good hands, and what’s more, trust fully in your human quality, something that the President of AURA has always valued above all. The least we can wish for is another 12 successful years with you. And we have no doubt that the best is yet to come.


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