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“It is an excellent process automation tool, robust and reliable.”

Fiducia S.A.

Trust business and investment funds experts with over 30 years of experience.


A dairy company specializing in nutritious and healthy food products that comply with stringent quality standards.

Lácteos Pomar

The largest dairy producer in the UAE and market leader in dairy products and fresh juices.

Al Rawabi Dairy

“AuraQuantic is used daily by 21 ministries in Costa Rica.”

Ventanilla Única de Inversión (VUI)

Leading finance company in Mexico that specializes in corporate financing.

Engen Capital

“The Human Talent Management macroprocess takes just 2 hours thanks to AuraQuantic.”

Todosistemas STI

A company specializing in oil drilling and services.

Erazo Valencia

Unit of the Colombian Ministry of Education in charge of managing educational infrastructure funds.

FFIE (Fondo de Financiación de la Infraestructura Educativa)

A technical agency in charge of the inspection, surveillance and control of commercial companies.

Superintendencia de sociedades

Leading institution with 59 years of experience in real estate and financial solutions.

Mutualista Azuay

“AuraQuantic is always available to help with all requirements.”

Solidarity and Social Investment Fund – FOSIS

Food services company with over 12,500 employees.


Offers advice and seeks the best insurance conditions to satisfy customer requirements.

Mutual Seguros

“One of the main reasons for using AuraQuantic is the speed at which solutions can be built and subsequently modified.”


“AuraQuantic has infinite possibilities, for any department or operation.”

Pret Communique

A pharmaceutical company founded in 1939 that operates in 14 countries in Latin America.

Laboratorios SAVAL

“When we saw the functionalities offered by AuraQuantic, we could see that it was robust, versatile and flexible software.”

Personal Paraguay

Technology solutions consultancy firm specialized in improving business process efficiency and productivity.

Four Consulting

The development, construction and operation of Distributed Energy Resources.


“AuraQuantic is optimizing day-to-day business operations.”

Ajinomoto Agro Solutions

Sales and technical advice regarding equipment for analytical laboratories.

Científica Andina, S.A.C.

Specialized in the selection and recruitment of infrastructure talent.


“There is a clear before and after in terms of process agility.”


A leading conglomerate in the UAE, excelling across multiple sectors including automotive, real estate, energy, and travel.

Al Fahim Groupe of Companies

Over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of household appliances, electrical equipment and electronics.

NormaGrup Technology

Provides comprehensive advisory services for the implementation and constitution of financial products.

Click Seguridad Jurídica

“The revolution came with the use of AuraQuantic.”


A company specialized in the commercialization of IT solutions and services.


Construction and development company with over 50 years of experience.

Erro y Eugui

The only producer of coated abrasives in Mexico with 90+ years of experience.


A fleet of over 500 trucks and 69 years of experience in transport and logistics.

Campillo Palmera

A leading bank in terms of high-quality financial services, committed to providing customers with the best solutions.


“Grup Heracles reduces its administrative burden by 80% thanks to AuraQuantic.”

Grup Heracles

Dietary supplement provider.


Industrial technology center with over 125 years of experience specializing in the design and manufacture of railway vehicles.

Stadler Rail

“The vendor’s support and follow-up have been very valuable for us to achieve our goals.”


“We have reduced processing time from days to just minutes.”


Backed by the AXA Group, this company offers portfolio and real estate asset management services to clients around the world.

AXA Investment Managers

“A very good tool, with excellent support.”

Stein Laboratories

“Reliable, professional, and competent.”

DIA Group Portugal

Manufacturers, maintainers and operators of mobility ecosystems.

CAF Digital Services

Ecuadorian company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of rest products such as mattresses.

Chaide y Chaide

“The software is extremely powerful and has a wide scope.”


“An application that allows you to design your business processes in an easy and understandable way… I’m a fan!”


“AuraQuantic has been a vital tool for us to expand our digital services.”

SISA Insurance

“We appreciate the invaluable support provided by the vendor and the relationship they forged with us.”

Ministry of Education of Nicaragua

“We finally found an economical solution with a flexible payment model / licensing structure.” 


“Highly recommended as a platform for process automation and digitization.”


“A very good product and excellent support.”

Mavesa Group

“We made a good decision by selecting AuraQuantic as the tool to support our process management.”


“AuraQuantic is one of the best-rated BPMs by multinationals such as Microsoft.”

Crisfe Foundation

Global supplier of automotive components, with more than five decades of experience in the sector.


Contributing to national competitiveness for over 40 years.

BMC – Colombia Mercantile Exchange

With over five decades of supporting industry in Navarra, it fosters collaboration, innovation and excellence.

AIN-Navarre Industry Association (Spain)

“AuraQuantic has provided us with all the necessary tools to achieve excellence.”

Fundación Séneca

“All data on a single platform empowers meticulous project management.”


“AuraQuantic is like getting a tailored suit off the rack.”


Technology services aimed at promoting customer digital innovation.


“Our citizen developers have achieved university-wide digitization.”

University of Deusto

“We have gained a strong competitive advantage.”

ATIS Ketchum

A leading Swiss private bank renowned for its unique client approach.

EFG Bank

“Senior management has the data they need to make informed decisions.”


With over 50 years of experience, it is one of the leading companies in the Peruvian food and seasonings market.

Ajinomoto Perú

It performs the functions of a central bank and is part of the National Banking System of Costa Rica.

Central Bank of Costa Rica

They manage 250 parishes, in which almost 3 million people live.

Archdiocese of Barcelona

“Online processes were ready for citizens in record time and without a single line of code.”

Ministry of Interior of Colombia

“We have achieved greater budget control, eliminated the use of paper, simplified work accelerated processes, and eliminated errors.”

Alicante Port Authority

Ministry that contributes to national development through the provision of labour and social security services.

Ministry of Labour and Social Services of Jamaica

“It is the perfect tool to optimize and transform processes.”

Technical University of the North

One of the largest distribution companies in Spain, with a workforce of over 35,000 workers nationwide.


“We have been able to bring our Ministry closer to all citizens.”

Ministry of Interior of Colombia

50 years at the forefront of education.


A group of public companies that promote industrial and business development in Extremadura (Spain).

Extremadura Avante

Maritime mobility company linked to tourism.


“Now we have an efficient regulatory compliance system.”


Debt collection company with over 3.4 million clients.


Offers financial solutions with an efficient, innovative and personalized service.

Banco Bancrea

An applied research organization that integrates three internationally renowned technology centers.


“We have continuous access to real-time data of all the work performed at our sites.”

Bean fruits

“Very efficient consultancy service.”

Grupo Planeta

“We now deliver our services 10 days faster than before and process times have been reduced by 40%.”


Leader in pension funds administration in the Dominican Republic.

AFP Crecer

Banking entity that operates in Panama to facilitate customer transactions in foreign trade.

Davivienda Panamá

Highway management, with a presence in 15 countries across Europe, USA and Asia.


It is one of the largest and most important financial institutions in the world with over 198,200 employees.


“Highly complex processes have been easily automated.”

Procter & Gamble

World leader in services and development of water infrastructure.

Almar Water Solutions

The number 1 financial group in Andorra with over 60 years of experience in private banking.

Crèdit Andorrà

A holding company with over 60 years of experience in the health sector and over 800 professionals in 49 centers across Spain and Andorra.

Laboratorio Echevarne, S.A.

A government organization in charge of security and intelligence in Costa Rica.

DIS Dirección de Inteligencia y Seguridad Nacional-Ministerio de la Presidencia

“Vehigrupo has become the fastest credit provider on the market.”


A public-private company that manages the integral water cycle. It is committed to innovation and strives for excellence in the provision of services and customer attention.

Aigües de Barcelona

Its products are distributed to over 30 countries.


Network of Sarah Rehabilitation Hospitals. Provide citizens with quality medical care that is 100% free of charge.


It has over 400 establishments in Spain.


The APFSC has two ports in Ferrol which constitute one of the main socio-economic drivers.

Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority

A public energy company with over 3,000 employees operating in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Egypt.

Enap Refinerías

The regulatory body in electronic communications and postal services for Albania.


With a presence in numerous cities throughout Colombia and worldwide.

Cruzada Estudiantil y Profesional de Colombia

Helping to create and maintain development in the national economy.

Banco de Guatemala

In business since 1920 and offers a full range of insurance and financial products.

BAF Financial & Insurance (Bahamas) Limited

“The migration of the old policy generation processes was achieved in two months.”

SISA Insurance

A company dedicated to the sale and distribution of all kinds of agricultural supplies, equipment and accessories.


A premier national Canadian law firm with over 120 years of experience.

Anderson Sinclair

A century of experience offering customized solutions for the healthcare industry.

Alliance Healthcare, S.A

One of the largest and most renowned providers of compressed air systems, with 5,000+ employees around the globe.


Law firm with over 40 years of experience and over 130 legal specialists.


Leading credit and real estate asset management services company with 10,000+ employees.


An Institute of higher education renowned for its excellence, innovation, and educational and social responsibility.

Cordillera University Institute of Technology

Leading insurance company in Costa Rica with 98 years of experience.

INS – National Insurance Institute

140 years of experience providing the highest quality services to over three million customers.


A business group founded 145 years ago that serves over 2,000,000 people throughout Spain.

Gimeno Group

World leader in the development and manufacturing of components for the automotive sector.

Fagor Ederlan Group

International Mediterranean food group, with 125 years of experience.

Borges Group

Leading company in the research, production and sale of natural drinks, with over 3,000 employees.

AMC Group

A leading manufacturer of consumer products with over 1,000 employees and a brand presence in over 70 countries.

AC Marca

Complete furniture solutions.


“We can create processes and put them to the test in record time. The satisfaction is immediate!”


A company that develops urban mining processes adhering to rigorous quality standards.

C.I. Green Metal

Leader in client-tailored non-banking financial solutions.


Specialized in the packaging and processing of meat products.

Frescos Delisano

Experts in machining technology, product development and innovative processes.

Forte + Wegmann

An institution designed to manage financial resources for housing within the Peruvian National Police Force.

Police Housing Fund – FOVIPOL

A public entity that provides sustainable and modern solutions to satisfy their customers’ electricity needs.

Electric Forces of Andorra – FEDA

Supply chain and transportation solutions for over 35 European countries.


Leading global provider of advanced technologies, services and solutions for the fuel industry.

Dover Fueling Solutions (Fairbanks)

Regulatory body for water and electricity services in Oman that serves over 1.5 million people.

DIAM-PAEW (Public Authority for Electricity & Water)

Municipality in the Netherlands with over 45,000 inhabitants.

Gemeente Zuidplas

Insurance company specialized in legal protection.


Sale of products made with the highest quality standards.


More than 50 years of experience in the Chilean real estate and financial market.


Real estate developer with over 50 years of experience.

Gailur Residencial

“The software has very good performance and usability.”

Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala

“AuraQuantic ensures continuous process improvement and the agility to adapt quickly to government changes.”


The entity responsible for the organization, administration and operation of the criminal justice specialization.

Colombian Military and Police Criminal Justice

A modern container handling facility capable of accommodating the latest generation of mega-ships.

Oman International Container Terminal

Public institution that promotes and contributes to the improvement of the Costa Rican agri-food system.

PIMA – Integral Agricultural Marketing Program

The Ministry promotes the health of the community through comprehensive and innovative healthcare services.

Ministry of Health and Prevention Dubai

Offers a wide range of services including consulting, inspection, fault analysis and testing of metallic materials.

Tecnología y Análisis de Materiales (TAM)

Over 80 years of experience in the electrical sector and over 40 years in electronics.


Public consultancy and engineering company, in-house provider and technical service.

Isdefe – Engineering Systems for the Defence of Spain

Leading business school in Latin America.

Incae Business School

Railway company that offers a safe and unforgettable travel experience to Machu Picchu.

Inca Rail

Provider of independent forensic investigation services.

INACIF – National Institute of Forensic Sciences

Consulting services for business digitization.


A strong market leader in Barbados' insurance industry.


Supplying clean, efficient and safe energy to central Chile since 2009.

GNL Quintero

Municipality in the Netherlands with a population of 86,292 inhabitants.

Gemeente Nissewaard

Specializes in providing better, safer, and more efficient transmural care for patients.

Extra Cura

A family compensation fund for the development of comprehensive programs and services in education, tourism, housing, family compensation and culture, designed to enhance family well-being.

Comfenalco Antioquia

Business holding with a team of over 4,000 professionals.

Costa Brava Foods

A distinguished legal services firm that provides comprehensive customer solutions.

GALA – Galindo, Arias & López Abogados

Leaders in global energy transformation that guarantee the highest standards of quality and innovation.

FRV – Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

Over the past 200 years, KB has become a nationally and internationally renowned scientific institution with almost 500 employees.

Royal Library

One of the historical sports clubs in the city of Barcelona that excels in polo, horse riding, field hockey and tennis.

Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

Controls the civil service in all central government institutions.

Public Administration of Albania

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products with over 50 years of experience.


The Foreign Trade Promotion Agency is a non-state public entity in charge of promoting Costa Rican exports.


Network of primary care and emergency clinics.


Experts in business management services and consultancy services.


An Institution to regulate and supervise the Guatemalan stock market.

MINECO – Securities Market Registry

A renowned company in the national gourmet food market, with presence in over 35 countries.


Supermarket chain and distributor of consumer products.

Masymas Supermarkets

Experts in labor and social security law with a team of 190+ employees.

López & Asociados

Over 3 million policyholders throughout Peru.

La Positiva Seguros

A premier tour company based in Cusco, specializing in crafting unforgettable experiences to the region's top attractions.

Machu Picchu Reservations

Manufacture and sale of innovative dairy products.


Designers and manufacturers specializing in architecture, interior design and construction.


Collaborating with municipalities, counties and public entities to construct over 3,000 public housing units in the three Aragonese provinces.

Suelo y Vivienda de Aragón

Attached to the Central Bank of Costa Rica, it aims to ensure the stability and efficient operation of the insurance market.


Providing consultancy and back-office services for financial, legal and process areas.


A leading global manufacturer of highly engineered fluid storage, carrying and delivery systems.

TI Fluid Systems

One of the largest higher education centers in Colombia, with over 18,150 students.

Nueva Granada Military University

Specialists in mechanized components.

USA Group

The largest provider of automotive financial services worldwide.

Volkswagen Financial Services

The leading global independent non-audit tax pratice with representation in more than 100 countries.

WTS Global

Over 39 years of experience in the insurance sector.

Aseguradora Solidaria

One of the largest companies in Latin America specializing in the processing and sale of seafood to multiple countries and continents.

Sardimar Alimentos Prosalud

A leading company in the production and supply of high-quality agricultural products.

San Carlos

Over 70 years of experience specializing in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of ventilation equipment.

Soler & Palau

The first Spanish legal services company to specialize in non-payment of rent.