The path to Digital Process Automation

The following report reviews the capabilities and benefits offered by AuraQuantic’s digital process automation platform. The report is intended not only to educate readers about AuraQuantic’s offering for improving business processes and operations but also to present relevant factors to decision makers for consideration when evaluating such solutions for their organizations.


By Jorge García, Principal Analyst, BI and Data Management.

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While some business practices may come and go as new trends in business management emerge, the ability to effectively deploy, manage, and execute business processes remains an integral part of every organization’s business strategy. As practices of business process management (BPM) rapidly evolve, software solutions that enable these practices evolve alongside them. This report provides a comprehensive review of one of these solutions (AuraQuantic) and it is structured in the following manner:

A general discussion about these new types of software solutions.

A description of AuraQuantic’s new release and its business value.

A real-world success story of a company using AuraQuantic.

Analyst observations and commentary.

Under a complex yet exciting era of fast business and technology evolution of the software industry, companies such as AuraQuantic aim to become the tip of the spear when it comes to business process automation and novel management, enabling organizations to achieve higher levels of business efficiency.”


These platforms exploit new technologies and apply a combination of process management and process automation features to deliver organizational benefits. Their main features and benefits are as follows:

Access from any device

Simpler interfaces

Flexible deployments

Time savings

Increased productivity

Cost savings

Improved customer service


AuraQuantic’s digital process automation platform appears to be designed to be business compliant by nature and to be embedded within the corporate software infrastructure. The company AuraQuantic offers a platform that is accessible and available at anytime and from anywhere.


This review of AuraQuantic’s digital process automation (DPA) system denotes that the company currently provides not only a set of technology features but also a set of tools within a single platform for optimizing an organization’s process automation practices. The platform enables collaboration and the efficient and effective execution of process automation. This can be particularly useful for organizations looking for ways to achieve the levels of adoption, business integration, ease of use, and compliance needed to realize the full business potential of digital process infrastructures.

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