AuraQuantic Modeler

Model all kinds of business processes in minutes with
AuraQuantic Modeler.

The tool with which all teams speak the same language

AuraQuantic Modeler uses the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard for Business Process Modeling. This is a universally used graphical notation that represents the phases of a business process and ensures effective communication between the different departments in one or several organizations.

Simplify even the most complex business processes in just four easy steps:


Use the visual interface to diagram the stages of the process using graphical objects.


Complete the configuration and the system generates all the code without the need for programming.


This automated process will be executed by the BPM engine, which orchestrates all the company’s processes.


AuraQuantic Modeler provides complete monitoring analysis to optimize processes and improve the time, costs, and resources used in business processes.

Benefits of AuraQuantic Modeler

  • Ensure correct diagramming with syntax control
  • Orchestrate people and systems from a single platform
  • Standardize work methodology for all teams
  • Predict, identify and resolve errors and bottlenecks
  • Control workflow status in real time
  • Increase collaboration between technical and non-technical personnel
  • Design processes without using programming language

Make the complex simple with the AuraQuantic digital transformation platform