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All the features you need to automate your processes and build intelligent apps. In addition, the platform offers database and user interface level encryption.



Automate business processes
and easily create powerful apps.

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For increased automation, more data options and rich insights.

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Tailored to all business needs, regardless of company size.


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Starter Plan Standard Plan Custom Plan
26 € user / month 38 € user / month custom
Employee users Minimum 20 Minimum 20 Unlimited
External users - - Minimum 100
Applications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Application components Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Flows and processes
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Workflow instances Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FEATURES AuraQuantic Core + 2 Quanta AuraQuantic Core + 3 Quanta All options
Unlimited and customizable employee portals (drag and drop UI development) Available
Custom portals/sites/pages per groups of users Available
Advanced Content Management (UI rich elements) Available
Business rules engine Available
Decision Management System (DMS) Available
Customizable and unlimited families of records/entities (own families) Available
Predesigned record layouts Available
Relations between families of records/entities (Relational Entities) Available
Advanced document management Available
Digital Signature (for files and forms) Available
Concatenated digital signatures Control Available
Document storage in SharePoint Online, File System, Azure Blob Storage and DFS (Distributed File System) Available
Base documents for data output management (precomposed letters, correspondence, statements) Available
Integration with Microsoft Excel Available
Integration with Microsoft Word Available
Embedded reports in forms and other UI Available
Application / process time control (Chronometrics) Available
Application process logic control points Available
Application/process custom business data views Available
Task control per groups of employees Available
Application/Process business intelligence (Deep BI) Available
Deep BI report design with drag and drop Available
Excel reports Available
Statistics Available
Microsoft SQL reporting Available
Universal Watcher reporting Available
Reports on stored documentation Available
Public Queries Available
- Available
Exposing APIs
(process/application logic and decision systems)
- Available
Connector builder - Available
REST and SOAP web services connector - Available
External database connectors (Adapters Servers, scripts and stored procedures execution) - Available
.Net Assembly connector - Available
Microsoft Office 365 connector - Available
Google Suite connector - Available
Salesforce connector - Available
SAP connector - Available
Connectors with Artificial Intelligence services (AI) - Available
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service connectors - Available
More built-in connectors - Available
- - Available
Server encryption - - Available
Application encryption - - Available
- - Available
External users - - Available
Account contact profiles - - Available
Customizable external portals - - Available
Unlimited external user interactions - - Available
Workload management via APP, web browser, email and SMS - - Available
Application/process trigger by non-users (anonymous users) - - Available
Unlimited inbound email interactions in processes/applications - - Available
Email address and password validation control - - Available
Customizable form editor - - Available
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Starter Standard All options
Advanced DevOps
3+ Environments
Additional fee applies
Additional fee applies
Standard (12x5) Standard (12x5) All options
Standard (12x5)
Premium (24x5) - Available
Additional fee applies
Premium Plus (24x7) - Available
Additional fee applies
Starter Standard All options

Frequently asked questions

Unlimited. You can create and use as many processes and applications as you want, regardless of the number of users and Quanta (modules) contracted. 

There is no limitation. You can create and use as many processes and applications as you want, regardless of the number of users and Quanta (modules) contracted. 

Once you have the AuraQuantic Core, which is the base product, you can add whichever Quanta (modules) you want.

Yes. AuraQuantic can be installed in the infrastructure chosen by the customer. AuraQuantic infrastructure is not mandatory.

No. The price of the software is not affected by the consumption of the server. Computing resources, the number of objects used in the automation, nor by the number of processes and applications created. The price depends entirely on the number of users and the Quanta (modules) chosen.

Yes. The number of users can be increased or decreased during the subscription period to suit your requirements.

They are non-employee users who interact actively, continuously, and closely with the company. For example: customers, suppliers, distributors, collaborators, citizens, etc.

Yes, the subscription includes software maintenance service.