Proof of Concept – How to Succeed


By Nivis Almonte, Senior Consultant
Mercadeo del Caribe, AuraPortal Partner since 2016.

MDC is a company in the Dominican Republic that has over 25 years of experience in implementation and consultancy projects in various sectors.


Today, the sky is the limit for companies, you just need the vision that digital transformation aligned with the company’s strategy and objectives can lead to greater productivity and efficiency.


MDC hopes for digital transformation to become a reality in all companies and for them to leverage a powerful platform like AuraPortal to design and execute all types of processes with great ease and without the need for any programming. MDC has made good use of Azure Marketplace to allow companies of all sizes to use AuraPortal, adjusting it to their needs and budget, with all the flexibility offered by Azure cloud.

They have implemented projects using the AuraPortal installation on Azure Marketplace in just a few minutes. This fast and agile installation method gives 5 employee users all the functionalities of the Core BPM plus the DBI module. Leverage an environment in the cloud to make a proof of concept for customers to try all the CORE features with their dashboard, graphics, document management process, plus any flow that the customer wants to automate. All this in a flexible and very practical environment since the payment is per use for IaaS and SaaS.


In one example, a proof of concept was carried out which involved the customer testing AuraPortal for an agreed period of time, once the test period finished, the customer decided to start the project implementation and used the same installation that was used for the POC. Once the processes were implemented, to move to production, the customer used the same Azure installation and hired the licenses required for the production environment.

For a payment collection company, MDC was able to implement a customer billing process in just two weeks, thanks to the almost immediate availability of an installation in Azure and the speed of creating applications with AuraPortal.


The use of the Azure Marketplace is an excellent starting point for customers to test a solution with a very low budget. Once you have tested all the benefits of AuraPortal and seen how it is possible to digitally transform your company, you can decide to stay in the cloud or move the installation to your premises.