Quimtia automates the entire export process for all four lines of business

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Quimtia has successfully automated all the tasks involved in the different stages of its export processes. The transformation was possible thanks to the implementation of AuraQuantic. The leading intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS), according to the TEC Insight Report for PMA Solutions 2022, has reduced the manual workload of the different areas and actors involved in the international trade process, greatly accelerating management times.


The company, which specializes in the production and distribution of chemical products, found that the process of exporting goods “was not fluctuating in the best way”, according to statements made by Joselyn Obregón, Foreign Trade Analyst at Quimtia. Process inefficiencies were caused by the high level of manual tasks that provoked “many disadvantages” in the daily development of all foreign trade operations.


This situation motivated the company’s management team to look for a technology solution in the business software industry that could control the entire process, from order placement in SAP, order planning, packing list generation, internal (warehouse) and external (freight carrier and customs) management, to the final delivery to the customer. After evaluating the different options available on the market, Quimtia’s management team contacted Daya+, a technology consultancy firm specializing in process automation and an official partner of AuraQuantic.


By implementing the iBPM suite, the chemical company has improved the export process in many ways, including:


  • Increased productivity: For example, the registration phase of new orders has been reduced, by sending automated alerts to sales, planning and foreign trade areas. Previously, employees needed to log into SAP, select the transaction and download a file containing the data for the new order.


  • Availability and reliability: The centralized management of all data, with digitized documents and storage, has resulted in an efficient system that guarantees optimal storage, organization, dissemination, and preservation. Prior to the implementation of AuraQuantic, many documents were not digitized and most of the order queries were made via email or telephone. Now, all the departments involved have the information at hand thanks to the automatic alerts sent via the platform.


  • Performance: The export process follows a workflow model. The flow is divided into six phases (new order, planning, packing list management, internal and external scheduling, and finally the sending of provisional and final documents related to the declaration of sale and acquisition of goods). This model ensures that the tasks are executed in line with predefined rules and timing that determine the order of the process. This has vastly improved performance levels and promoted the company’s growth.


In addition to all these benefits, Quimtia’s long-term goal is to “continue implementing more processes on the platform”, according to Obregón. Specifically, customer-service-related processes, which include tasks such as updating orders and dates in SAP, reviewing stock, checking the release of orders, as well as managing the different credit and debit notes. A plan that displays Quimtia’s clear commitment to the AuraQuantic solution.


Quimtia is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of chemical products. With over 55 years of experience and more than 300 employees, this company seeks to respond to the different needs and demands related to the chemical industry, with its four lines of business including food & pharma, feed, and industrial. It has subsidiaries in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, and exports its products throughout the Americas.