“We have undertaken the digital transformation of our company.”

Company: GMX Insurance | Insurance industry | 20 years of experience



Number of requests
made per day


Reduction in
paper consumption


Time spent
per work order


For an insurance company, it is critical to combine information from different sources in order to achieve the complete picture of the company, and therefore a single version of the truth (SVOT).

The company needed a software capable of capturing all information, whether manual (input by employees or external parties on computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) or automatic (generated by the system or captured from the Internet). Once captured, the data needed organizing and storing for optimal use.

  • Scattered information.

  • Numerous applications for data management.

  • Extremely time-consuming data management.


Senior management wanted to automate the holding procedures with AuraQuantic in order to orchestrate automated processes, data, people and existing applications.

Core process

All information unified in one application

More dynamic, agile and faster management

Reduction in
response times

KPIs to facilitate
decision making

Data is automatically registered and organized

Another positive aspect is undoubtedly the ability to create even the most complex process without any programming.

Juan Trueba | Quality & Continuos Improvement Manager

We did not acquire the license, we use SAS (Cloud). This kept the costs down and helped us to get approval from management as the ROI is extremely high.

Juan Trueba | Quality & Continuos Improvement Manager

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