“We can now offer services at much more competitive prices.”

Company: GP Strategies | Services industry | 4,200 employees


100 h.

Saving hundreds of hours
on research

100 h.

Saving hundreds of hours
on content creation


To maintain a competitive edge and meet customer expectations, the company identified a need to digitally transform their operations.

Having identified areas for improvement and faced with fierce competition and exigent market demands, GP Strategies realized that it was necessary to digitally transform to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Formatting errors.
  • Difficulty tracking changes and updating documentation in a timely fashion.

  • Inefficient approval process.


The benefits of implementing the AuraQuantic tool have placed the company in a position to be more competitive by processing data faster and optimizing team workloads.

Saving time and improving the quality of documentation

Faster, more accurate and efficient service

Automated workflows
and business processes

Real-time business
process monitoring

Pinpoint business process bottlenecks

More competitive
service pricing

Our experience of working with AuraQuantic consultancy service has been phenomenal.

I look forward to our continued work with AuraQuantic for years to come as we expand the capabilities of the Technical Document Management System (TDMS)™ and do our utmost to meet our customers’ business needs.

Kyle Fuller | Asset Performance Management & Operational Excellence

At any one point we could have over a hundred people writing documents, reviewing language, technical aspects, standards, etc. which was a lot of brain power stored on our servers, untapped!

Being able to capitalize on all this intellectual property means that the capital investment from a client can be much smaller because of our extensive experience and ability to make optimal use of resources.

Kyle Fuller | Asset Performance Management & Operational Excellence

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