“We have reduced tasks
from 4 hours to 20 minutes.”

Company: Pret Communique | Telecommunications industry | 100 offices



Reduction in human resources


Data protection risk management


Reduction in process times


The company needed to grow, but did not have the right software to ensure a smooth and well-structured expansion.

Despite having an internal software development team, they could not keep up with the rapidly changing market.

The telecommunications sector has always been subject to constant technological and process changes. This requires operational flexibility and systems that can adapt to its rapid evolution.

  • Lack of agility to adapt to new control standards.
  • Lack of systematization of several business processes.


No-code process automation empowers fast results. Now, executive procedures can be modified in just a few hours.

Excellence in business process management

Flexibility to adapt to new market requirements

Improvement of the sales experience

Improvement of the support service

Continuous automation of new business processes

The platform implementation has been very fast.

Carlos Jerónimo Torres Garbuno | Process Manager

AuraQuantic is the best option for process management. We have not stopped automating new processes since the moment we selected it as our platform.

Carlos Jerónimo Torres Garbuno | Process Manager

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