“We have successfully automated 19 business processes
in just 60 days.”

Company: Tenco Shopping Centers | Shopping center industry | 33 years of experience



Improvement in efficiency


Increase in analytical reports


Increase of suppliers interaction


Due to business growth, Tenco needed to improve operations management, especially in Purchases, IT and Human Resources.

The company saw the need to create a shared service center to manage all the shopping centers from a central platform.

The shared service center needed to include IT technical support, advanced management and control of purchases, a more efficient employee onboarding process and the management of new and terminated employee contracts.

  • Lack of control in some business areas.
  • Not meeting investor demands.

  • Poor communication with suppliers.
  • Lack of awareness of business operations.
  • Lack of advanced contract management.


Automation of all back-office processes supporting the entire structure of the holding company and the shopping centers that are geographically dispersed throughout the country.

Freedom and flexibility when building forms and tasks

Monitoring and tracking of all the business processes

Detailed reports and dashboards to help the decision making

Now, we can offer our customers an even better service.

Igor Flori | IT Manager at Tenco Shopping Center

The result of implementing a platform like AuraQuantic is very profitable.

Igor Flori | IT Manager at Tenco Shopping Center

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