Remote Work Policy - AuraPortal & Uniteco

Remote work policy applied in Uniteco

In a previous article we discussed how AuraPortal can facilitate working remotely. Today we are going to talk about a specific case, that of Uniteco.

Uniteco is a leading insurance brokers in the professional civil liability sector with over 50 years of experience. They work with the most solvent companies and offer all kinds of personalized and exclusive insurance policies for health professionals to fully and effectively protect their customers: life insurance, sick leave, professional and corporate liability, accidents, travel assistance, health insurance, home insurance, etc.

Business process automation has empowered Uniteco to market the first fully online professional civil liability policy in Spain. They have been working to expand their production capacity to the online environment, to be current and to use this channel to satisfy all users who prefer to purchase their policies online or using their mobile devices; a trend which is becoming increasingly popular. In 2015 Uniteco successfully adapted its website to sell products online, which has had a positive response from its customers.

Using AuraPortal they have automated applications related to:

  • Civil Liability Policy
  • Policy Registration
  • Quotations
  • Contract signatures
  • Automatically sending policies to the customer

At Uniteco they have decided to put teleworking into practice to guarantee the safety of their employees, in light of the current situation caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Spain. Once the measures were taken by the Community of Madrid in relation to the closure of nurseries, schools and universities, on Wednesday March 11, Uniteco employees with children affected by these guidelines were able to work remotely, as a preventative measure and to contribute to the reconciliation of family and working life. 

”We need the doctors and they need our work; our entire organization must function perfectly so that health professionals only have to worry about our health” said Juan Pablo Núñez, CEO of Uniteco.

AuraPortal helped the company adapt its commercial offering to the online environment, allowing it to market the first professional liability policy entirely online, and the expansion of production in that environment, which today allows it to easily take extraordinary measures to guarantee the safety of their employees and healthcare professionals, eliminating any negative effect on their operations or customers.