Remote work policy applied in ATIS

In a previous article we discussed how AuraPortal can facilitate the implementation of remote work. Today we are going to see a real example of how  ATIS-KETCHUM successfully implemented remote work measures to digitize the workforce and maintain productivity.

ATIS is an agency offering complete services for communication, based on reliability, dedicated expertise and teamwork, and works with a customer portfolio of multinational and Ecuadorian companies.

With 18 years of experience and a background in the Public Relations sector in Ecuador, they have the backing and support of Ketchum, the third largest Communication and Public Relations agency in the world.

ATIS decided to ensure the safety of its employees before the Ecuadorian authorities implemented measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and declared a code red in the city of Quito. All ATIS employees have been working remotely since mid-March, without the situation affecting the fulfillment of their commitments, and all this thanks to the implementation of AuraPortal.

Automating their business processes empowered ATIS to naturally adapt to the situation brought on by the pandemic, by making it possible for managers and employees to work remotely, while complying with government guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the measures implemented on AuraPortal involves monitoring and distribution. This process begins with the collection of information from the national and regional printed media, which is digitized, and a permanent recording is made over 24 hours of the different radio and television media, using a pre-defined segmentation. The information collected from the different media channels is then stored in the AuraPortal database, which is later segmented and approved for sending to customers based on their interests.

In the words of the CEO, Santiago F. Espinel, “AuraPortal is a tool that is very well known within the organization, as well as by customers, given that when we participate in a tender we must inform them about the procedures we follow to monitor the media and daily releases of clips.”

AuraPortal helped the company to adopt an online work environment, allowing the automation of the monitoring process and subsequent release of daily clips, which today allows them to not only take extraordinary measures to easily guarantee the safety of their employees, but also minimizing any negative impact on their operations and customer experience.

You can view the case study of ATIS Ketchum by clicking on the following link: ATIS Ketchum, use case

Francisco Sánchez