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On May 25th, Revolution Banking, the flagship event for banking and financial entities in Spain celebrates its ninth edition in Madrid. Companies from different economic sectors will support and participate in the event, including the AuraQuantic digital transformation platform as Gold sponsor.

The Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium is the location chosen to host this event that will serve as a meeting point to discuss the current evolution of banking digitization in Spain. The digital euro, the digital employee experience, AI to improve business processes, cybersecurity, data-driven models and current payment trends are just a small taster of all the topics that will be addressed at this meeting, which will also be attended by leading figures from the technology and banking sectors. All professionals from the banking sector interested in attending Revolution Banking can use the free invitations that AuraQuantic has made available at the following link.



Revolution Banking aims to be “the definitive boost for open, personalized, sustainable and secure banking”, highlighting the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in improving business processes, optimizing decision-making and enhancing the employee and customer experience.

Furthermore, the event will explore the current level of transformation in Spanish banks, which continue to evolve in different dimensions, from the quality of the credit portfolio, profit increases in institutions with a greater international presence, and the improvement in their ability to raise financing in the form of capital, compared to previous years.

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Revolution Banking 2023: Digital transformation in the banking sector

Revolution Banking kicks off on May 25 with participation from over 60 professionals from leading banking institutions such as ABANCA, Banco Sabadell, BBVA, CaixaBank, EVO Banco, Ibercaja, ING, Openbank, Triodos Bank and Unicaja Banco; and the presence of representatives from institutions linked to this sector such as the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Spain. In addition, technology companies such as IBM and the fintech companies PayPal and Bizum will also attend the event.

The agenda of activities proposed by the Revolution Banking organizers is divided into three main topic areas: Technological Revolution, Hyper-personalization, and Cyber Resilience. Each of these themes will be explored in different zones and will feature different speakers and representatives from financial and technological institutions.

Firstly, the Technological Revolution area will include discussions between experts on important issues such as the digital euro, hyper-automation and the special Industry View on the present and future technologies that underpin the intelligent experience.Specifically, the latter will feature an expert from AuraQuantic, who will explain in depth the synergies between Big Data and AI, AI generative models, and the combination of AI, Martech, and BackOffice with common programming interfaces.

Secondly, the Hyper-personalization area will incorporate different expert panels and case study analyses related to issues such as neobanks, the importance of improving the customer experience with data-driven models, AI applied to credit risk and current trends in the world of payments.

Cyber Resilience is the title given to the third area which will address various issues related to the harmonization of security across the financial sector through DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) and NIS2, behavioral biometrics and digital identity, cyber-attacks, and sustainable transformation.

Revolution Banking offers banks, technology companies, and other institutions the opportunity to discuss and share experiences in the evolution of traditional banking, the strategies developed to achieve a 100% digital ecosystem and the technology needed to achieve this change. Likewise, different companies, including AURA, the company responsible for the AuraQuantic platform, will have stands to provide information and demonstrate their technology products. Specifically, the AuraQuantic team can be found at stand number 46.