SAP Connector – AuraQuantic

AuraQuantic has a wide range of mechanisms that allow integration with external systems or applications to facilitate centralized management of a company and the SAP Connector is one of those mechanisms.

SAP is one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems used by large companies (90% of Fortune 500 companies) to execute and optimize production operations and distribution of goods or services in production.

AuraQuantic has a SAP Connector that allows you to easily connect with BAPI‘s or SAP RFCs without the need for any programming (ZERO-CODE), allowing you to integrate the ERP data in AuraQuantic to use or modify them, including them in company processes.

Once our SAP client is connected, this connector allows you to configure operations, which make calls to BAPIs, standard SAP functions. These operations let you map data from the AuraQuantic processes to the input parameters of these BAPIs. Subsequently, these operations are launched through certain events or using AuraQuantic system tasks.

The AuraQuantic SAP connector allows data reading and writing in the SAP system, through data mapping between the ERP and the AuraQuantic processes using BAPIs.

The following example shows a supervision process of a customer’s payment conditions with 3 calls to BAPIs, one from a start event and the other two through system tasks. The first two are able to obtain data from the ERP, while the third introduces data from the process to the SAP system.

AuraPortal Process with SAP Connector- BPM Integration

You can download our predefined model for free here.

Jessica Mauro