Course: Introduction

Overview and analysis of BPM technology, introduction to the essential concepts and its impact on company management.


15 h.



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The subjects covered include: workflow usage, business processes, BPM, BPMN and BPMS, the life cycle of processes and the difference between BPMS and iBPMS. It also includes a brief summary of some functionalities that any iBPMS should have: statistical simulation, extranet, intranet, content management and much more.

You will learn how to transmit the company’s needs (reports, processes, records, etc.) for its transformation into applications. You will also learn how to create diagrams and carry out statistical simulations of them. In addition, you will acquire the necessary skills and prior knowledge to access the Building applications course.

As a final test you will find an exam. If you pass this successfully, you will receive the ‘BPMN Certificate’.


1.01 Basic concepts
1.02 Getting started
1.03 Diagramming – Events
1.04 Diagramming – Tasks
1.05 Diagramming – Gateways
1.06 Diagramming – Subprocesses and artifacts
1.07 Real scenarios and solutions
1.08 How to create applications in AuraQuantic

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