Webinar: Discover the possibilities of Document Management.

Topic: Document Management with AuraPortal through automatic processes.



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16:00 am (Madrid, UTC +01:00)

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2 h.


Document management forms part of the daily activities performed in the business, therefore it cannot be independent. As Document Management is included in AuraPortal, the Processes control the activities performed in the entity, and in this way, they manage the documents involved in the activities and are responsible for their optimal management.


AuraPortal integrates an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) that offers one of the most complete systems for managing Documents (electronic and physical) and Digital Content. Through its capacity to manage Processes, Libraries and Management Families, AuraPortal automates and optimizes the entire life cycle of Web Enterprise Content Management: automated document Capture and Creation, Storage (Virtual intelligent Archive), Flows, Access and Elimination, allowing the secure and efficient management of all corporate documentation, however complex the entity structure may be.


It is therefore not a question of Document Management leading a workflow. On the contrary, it involves using the capacity to manage and control the Processes that AuraPortal provides to manage and control Documents and Digital Content: Archives, Approvals, versioning, Digital Signature, Subscriptions for change notices, content Searches, Discussions, Surveillance, Trace for audit, Content Publishing, etc.


The course objective is to understand how, through the Processes, Rules and Management Families, AuraPortal is capable of automating and optimizing the entire life cycle of documents: Capture and Creation, Storage, Flow, Access and Elimination, allowing the secure and efficient management of all corporate documentation however complex the entity structure may be.

Target Participants

Directed to Partners, Agents and AuraPortal Customers.


1. Document register through processes with their approval and storage flows in:

  • Dictionary Libraries.
  • SharePoint Libraries.
  • Records.

2. Basic and Automatic Document Management with incorporated Metadata and signatures.

3. Control of approval flows.

4. Management of control points and Process status queries.

5. Document Consptancy:

  • Searches in SharePoint libraries from process using parameters.
  • Dictionary library consptations using parameters.

6. Review of documents expired by time controls.

7. Definition of a Home Page with access links to concrete operations based in Document Management:

  • Monitoring, Process status queries, Process initiation, Document Creation, Versioning Control, Document Consptations, Own Families, Dictionary Libraries, SharePoint Libraries.

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