Webinar: Learn to Diagram Business Processes with the BPMN Standard.

Topic: BPMN Standard based Process Modelling.



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15:00 am (Madrid, UTC +01:00)

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4 h.


During this webinar you will learn how quick and easy it is to diagram Business Processes with the AuraPortal BPM Modeler:


The webinar consists of two parts:


1. Theory: In this part you will learn how to diagram business processes using the different objects in the BPMN standard.

  • Message and Time Events.
  • Personal and Automatic Tasks.
  • Gateways.
  • Etc.


2. Practice: You will develop several business scenarios with the teacher’s help. Please download the BPM Modeler before the start of the webinar.


The student should obtain sufficient knowledge of the Objects used in the BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) standard, enabling them to create business process diagrams using these graphical objects, without the need to program a single line of code.

Target Participants

It is not essential for the students to have a technical background in systems, but it is recommended that they have a professional profile and skills to understand how and in what way an organization or company is structured.


1. Introduction to Diagramming.

2. Diagramming with BPMN Objects.

3. Practical exercises.

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