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Access our assistance and support services form our External Portals

AuraQuantic has a large team dedicated to maintenance and customer support services. This team attends to the requirements of our customers, partners and collaborators and keeps them fully updated.

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External Portals

This platform offers online support for Partners and Customers, including real-time information and all levels of collaboration with our expert technical team and an ever-growing Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions.


Partners and Customers can use the External Portals to Start BPM Processes and Participate in them. This is the highest level of digital collaboration provided by current technology.

Easy downloads from External Portals

Our Development team is constantly improving the system, publishing frequent updates that can be downloaded from the External Portals. These updates are also documented and published in our Knowledge Base.

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Start your Digital Transformation with the help of AuraQuantic support team

The maintenance contract for the AuraQuantic BPM application gives you access to our team’s expert knowledge.


Online case management

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Live screen share

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Online chat

BPM Case Studies - Make Better Decisions (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Knowledge Base

BPM Case Studies - Expedite Task Completion (Casos de Éxtito BPM)

Optimal response times

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Access to technical specialists

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Extension Packs

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