Training school

AuraQuantic Training School is the training center for AuraQuantic software. This official AuraQuantic certification center conducts training programs for all levels of process automation and business application creation.


Courses taught


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Certified consultants


Certified university students

Training courses

The e-learning courses allow the student to learn at their own pace and ask the teachers if they have any questions. The center also offers personalized training.

Each course is structured in blocks or units of information to cover specific AuraQuantic features. The course structure helps you to learn progressively and assimilate the content effectively.


Level: Basic
Duration: 15h.

BPMN certificate

Free training!

Building components

Level: Basic
Duration: 40h.

Building components certificate

Advanced automation

Level: Medium
Duration: 40h.

Advanced automation certificate

Interface design

Level: Medium
Duration: 40h.

Interface design certificate

Governance and integration

Level: Advanced
Duration: 40h.

Governance and integration certificate

How to begin

The introductory course is free. You can access it here.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you can log into the training portal and request access to the next course.

When to start

When you sign up for a course, you will receive an email with a link to select your preferred start date.

This email will explain how to access the training portal.

Exams and certifications

At the end of each unit, there is a practical test to demonstrate you have acquired the necessary knowledge to continue to the next unit.

There are no theoretical exams. To gain the qualification, you need to demonstrate your ability to analyze the needs of each scenario and develop solutions with AuraQuantic.

After passing all the course unit tests, you will be awarded the certification. This allows you to continue to the next training level.

The certificates are essential to offer professional services to AuraQuantic customers or to request support services from the parent company.

Access to more information

Along with the training courses, the center provides access to the AuraQuantic Knowledge base and Private portal.

Knowledge base

The AuraQuantic knowledge base contains documents, videos and best practices.

Private portal

The private portal grants access to important news, links to resources, events and other relevant product information.

Your opinion

At the end of the course, you will receive a short opinion survey. This information is very important for us to improve our training services.

Student opinion

The course was structured well and it’s flow was easy to follow. The correction notes by the teacher made sense to me and were provided super fast.

Certified student in Advanced Automation

I found it to be an excellent course, the topics were explained very well, the course met my expectations. I loved it. Thanks a lot!

Certified student in BPM