Advanced automation

The objective of this course is to learn how to leverage the system’s features for optimal automation.

Advanced automation certificate


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40 hours


English and Spanish

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone interested in improving the efficiency of any organization and identifying activities that can be automated with AuraQuantic.

Attendees must have passed the Building applications course.

Course takeaways

  • Process automation
  • Creation of automated activity flows based on logic and rules
  • Design of automated activities such as notifications, data transfer and manipulation, automated document management, etc.


  • Notifier, creator and cleaner system task

  • Uploads in general terms, prefixes, suffixes and group of fields

  • Uploads in rules, themes, relations, families and counters

  • Uploads in libraries, documents and labels

  • Transferrer system task

  • Deviator system task

  • Distributed treatments

Student opinion

Its a well structured course with the relevant examples and at the right time I was able to complete. Thank you team. Keep going. Let it be the best BPM tool ever. I am starting to like it because of its simplicity. Will try to learn more.

Certified student in Advanced automation

The course methodology is very good since the videos are very clear and being able to see the teacher’s expressions when explaining makes it much more user-friendly.

Certified student in Advanced automation