BPM Mobility

Transform your enterprise into a modern digital business

Improving BPM mobility involves offering customers optimal service on mobile channels and empowering staff to work from anywhere, at any time, resulting in a greater work-life balance, increased efficiency and scalable growth.

4 Typical Business Scenarios to be solved with BPM mobility

    • Inefficiencies and slowness caused by rigid structures which require staff to perform tasks in a fixed location.

    • High risk of customer churn due to limited channel offerings, slow response times and lack of competitive advantage.

    • Lack of consistency of products and services offered on different channels. Unstructured information.

    • Slow response to market changes and demands due to technological difficulties to support mobility.

How we solve them

AuraQuantic’s user-friendly, no-code solution empowers business users to quickly and easily create and modify digital apps using the drag-and-drop interface. Achieve optimal collaboration, communication and satisfaction from all employees, managers, third parties and customers with a visually attractive platform which is adaptable to mobile devices.

Value received

Optimal service and consistency across all channels. Build mobile apps fast, gain a competitive edge and empower workers to complete tasks from their mobile devices, while also securing company applications and data with the mobility you need.

Workflow on the go

No-native or native apps

Cloud option

Business-user approach

Mobile access to model processes

User-friendly app builder

Mobile BPM workforce

Data security

The Statistics Are In Your Favor


Availability improvement


Engagement improvement


Cost reduction


Improvement of fluid communication

Key Industries.

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