Compliance with Regulations

Ensure you have the processes in place to automatically address all regulatory challenges

AuraQuantic incorporates a range of processes, audits and security controls to ensure seamless compliance with regulations including internal and mandatory rules.

4 Typical Business Scenarios to be solved with automated Compliance with Regulations

    • Excessive, complicated and time-consuming regulations.

    • Augmented risk due to manual regulation management system.

    • Chaos documenting, archiving and searching for documentation.

    • Excessive time and resources spent on audits and reviews.

How we solve them

AuraQuantic iBPMS incorporates a Business Rules Engine which can be stored in a general corporate repository and applied to all processes. These rules guarantee consistency, uniformity and control. Simply by changing the business rule, the changes are immediately applied to all of the relevant processes and compliance with regulations is guaranteed.

Value received

Automated compliance with regulations is highly beneficial as, in addition to reducing the amount of staff needed to run daily compliance tasks, it reduces or even eliminates data management errors which are common in manual processes.

Unique business rules


Intelligent automation

Business-user approach


Risk management

On-the-fly changes for regulation updates

Financial reports

The Statistics Are In Your Favor


Time reductions


Reliability improvement


Increased agility


Increased safety & security

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