Organizational Control

Gain complete control of all your business activities

AuraQuantic iBPMS has all the essential tools to guarantee complete organizational control, including: cost and productivity control to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness, quality control to eliminate waste, achieve customer satisfaction, boost sales and much more.

4 Typical Business Scenarios to be solved with Organizational Control

    • Chaos documenting, archiving and recording activities related to quality control.

    • Dissatisfied customers due to lack of consistency, delays, excessive response times, etc.

    • Inability to pinpoint areas for improvement and isolate sources of positive opportunities.

    • Difficulty measuring progress and failure to achieve company objectives.

How we solve them 

AuraQuantic’s intelligent analytics and knowledge sharing capacities optimize workflows and improve decision making. Notifications, alerts and workflow balance and visibility ensure the timely execution of all tasks and the intelligent rules engine enforces best practice and organizational control.

Value received

Organizational control results in increased workforce productivity, improved quality and reduced corporate risk.

Case files

Load balancing

Alarms & alerts

Paper reduction

Automatic compliance


Time control

Documentation automatically organized

The Statistics Are In Your Favor


Response times


Lost documentation


Time to complete tasks


Increased efficiency

Gain immediate control of your organization!