The telecommunications sector is in continuous evolution and AuraQuantic iBPMS is its great ally

The use of AuraQuantic, through the standardization of stable processes in the production chain for broadband Ethernet connections in the Telecommunications, improves the quality of delivery, reduces delivery times and creates a real-time proactive communication.

BPM Industries - Telecommunications - rapid market evolution

The rapid and constant market evolution forces telecommunications companies to make their processes more agile

Telecommunication companies need to focus on offering their customers a personalized service in order to attend each inquiry with the utmost precision and efficiency and at minimal cost. If managed poorly, any activity connected to the supply chain could result in customer loss, litigation, etc. The changes in legislation are another reason why companies in this industry need to continuously adapt their processes.

The efficient, rapid and reliable execution of these processes is imperative for companies in today’s difficult environment

A BPM application must be capable of adhering to the strict ACM (Authority for Consumers and Markets) regulations in addition to managing a large number of products, services and order flows aiming to improve the quality of service provided and to make best use of all resources and business opportunities, hereby improving operational performance.


AuraQuantic BPM platform offers great agility and ease-of-use, as its modular and scalable structure adapts to the company’s needs to drive continuous growth. The fact that AuraQuantic doesn’t require any programming makes it very easy to adapt processes to meet each new requirement and to modify existing processes. AuraQuantic iBPMS also has an immense capacity to integrate with external systems, Business Intelligence (BI), Reporting, etc.

BPM Industries - Telecommunications - the efficient - Telecomunicaciones

Some of our Customers in the Telecommunications Industry

Some of our Customers in the Telecommunications Industry


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