Transport & Trading

AuraQuantic BPM empowers the drivers to execute their tasks while on the move using mobile devices

With AuraQuantic BPM, all jobs are optimized in Transport, Logistic & Trading, an industry which requires great agility and flexibility when executing processes to undertake all kinds of changes, immediately and securely.

Business Process Management Industries - Transport & Trading - Traffic management

Traffic management

Loads, transshipments and deliveries, monitoring of services in real time, loss and theft, expenses, service profitability, vehicle, route, etc. These are high risk industries because of their reduced profit margins, and therefore require a very thorough control of all tasks as well as constant dialogue with clients and suppliers. AuraQuantic BPM (Business Process Management) adapts perfectly to meet these demands.

Fleet maintenance

Workshop, breakdown repairs, insurance, fuel, cleaning, revision and maintenance, worn and used items, etc. With AuraQuantic BPM the subcontracting of vehicles, traction heads, routes, services, etc., will be much more secure, practical and efficient because, as the regulations of the organization are outsourced, the risks involved in outsourcing are minimized without losing any of the advantages. Working with automated processes ensures strict compliance.

BPM Industries - Transport & Trading - Fleet maintenance - transportes

Some of our Customers in the Transport & Trading Industry

Some of our Customers in the Transport & Trading Industry


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