Customer Suggestions and Complaints

Control requests, claims, complaints, suggestions and much more

The Customer Suggestions and Complaints process allows you to control requests, claims, complaints, suggestions, etc. and give the best response to your customers.


AuraQuantic’s process removes the sometimes complex and often frustrating issues associated with dealing with customer interactions, by defining a complete and clear flow of information. When your company gives its customers the best treatment it will achieve customer loyalty and company brand improvement. This is reflected in an increase in sales.

Thus, it is very important to focus your efforts on fulfilling your customers’ high expectations and providing them with the best and fastest answers to their suggestions and complaints. This process is the best way to give your customers the right responses, using a clear and efficient workflow that defines the needs of each activity during the process.

To create a Process, a model must be prepared including all the necessary information and it’s developed in two phases: 1st the Diagram is drawn, 2nd the attributes of the objects in the diagram are defined.

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There are many diagramming tools available but none are comparable in effectiveness and ease of use with the AuraQuantic Modeler presented here. This tool is developed with the latest technology and based on the universal standard BPMN 2.0.