Document Management

Manage all company documents (texts, images, videos, etc.) in a totally integrated and global manner

Integrated and intelligent management of all business documents using powerful ‘File System’ systems that can manage millions of documents at great speed.


Document Management on the AuraQuantic Zero-Code platform gives you:

  • Flexibility to personalize documents by adding and modifying content, providing the necessary dynamics to work with multiple languages, designs, locations and ensuring compliance with Regulations and requirements.
  • Speed ​​to be competitive with workflow automation.
  • Mobility to create, modify, consult and delete documents from any device.
  • Security of authentication access controls.
  • Simplicity for efficient document management regardless of the users’ technical knowledge.
  • Scalability for your growing business.
  • Availability and ease of integration with existing IT structures.
To create a Process, a model must be prepared including all the necessary information which is developed in two phases: 1st the Diagram is drawn, 2nd the attributes of the objects in the diagram are defined.

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There are many diagramming tools available but none are comparable in effectiveness and ease-of-use with the AuraQuantic Modeler. This tool is developed with the latest technology and based on the universal standard BPMN 2.0.