Technology Evaluation Centers praise AuraQuantic as a serious contender in any initiative that aims to improve and reach efficient and effective business operations

The global consulting and advisory firm, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), has performed an in-depth analysis of the technical and business impact of enterprise software solutions and their increasing importance for the future of digital transformation. TEC analysts evaluated the AuraQuantic low-code digital platform as part of this study  and published its findings in the report entitled “AuraQuantic—The Path to Digital Process Automation”.

The report is intended not only to educate readers about AuraQuantic’s offering for improving business processes and operations but also to share valuable information explaining specific capabilities of digital process automation solutions and key considerations for the successful adoption of a DPA solution. 

According to the report “Current DPA solutions are now required to be equipped with the necessary capabilities to achieve the following:  

• Improve business process efficiency and reduce risks.  

• Make use of analytics to continuously measure and monitor progress, performance, and efficiency.  

• Work on top of reusable concepts and share a common language digestible between companies and stakeholders (business and IT) to enhance consistency, repeatability, and transferability.  

• Continuously audit and review customer needs to ensure compliance and transparency.  

• Help create a self-enabled team that knows how your company works to reduce dependency on costly external solution experts and promote sustainability.  

• Increase technology integration to bridge the communication gap between business users and IT, imparting a more autonomous impact on their own processes without IT’s constant involvement.” 

The AuraQuantic Digital Process Automation Platform is recognized as “a full-fledge digital process solution that has been developed to provide easy design, execution and automation of business operation processes” and is specifically praised for its: 

  • Ability to scale applications 

Read the report here